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A Late Night Mohawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue

When you suggest something it always seems like a good idea at the time not that this wasn’t but I really believe we never quite learn, it’s a process. I’m on my own hair dye journey I felt willing to suggest to my fella if he wanted I’d colour his mohawk again. The wedding is far enough away that by the time we get to it he will have had the dye & any damage cut out & be having it done professionally at that point. We always have random pots of semi-permanent stain shades in our bathroom. I found a full pot of crazy colours & already have the powder bleach & full bottles of liquid peroxide left over from last time we dyed it. The shade of dye is by Crazy Colors one I hadn’t used before so I thought it would be fun to let you in on the process. As with all “random projects” started at 10pm at night the photos aren’t brilliant I did my best!

10pm – Let’s Get Started!

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - plain hair

Always wear a t-shirt you don’t intend to wear outside, unless your into that random bleached out tie dye effect then go head who am I to judge!


If you haven’t ever bleached your hair before do a patch time because this stuff is seriously harmful. If you have a reaction don’t do it thinking you can handle this you’ll likely end up in hospital. We’ve dyed both mine & his hair multiple times & had good & bad results. Also patch test if your bleaching someones hair because if your sensitive to it & it get’s on your skin it’s as dangerous. Just always be safe, careful & don’t risk it, sometimes it’s worth paying a hairdresser to do it for you then do the semi-permanent dye yourself.

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - bleach

Always wear gloves while your working with bleach because it will bleach your skin white which is damaging. If you get a little on your arm just use a wipe & remove it. We put lots of towels out & did it in our bedroom as our bathroom is tiny, you need ventilation so open a window. You can use any hair bleach kit you want, Directions & Manic Panic Kits are best for beginners but when you intend to do it more often we use the Jerome Russel brand. You can buy the powder in a four pack then buy the liquid peroxide separately. It comes in 30% & 40% the higher the percentage the stronger & faster acting it is, the more damaging it is to your hair. We now use 30% more often as its virgin hair & we just spend more time watching it change so I can take if off as soon as possible.

10.10pm – Bleach!

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - bleach on

This method is highly unlikely to ever give you white blonde hair, you can use toner afterwards but even then if that’s what you’re aiming for get a hairdresser to do it. Yellow blonde isn’t a look to go for, it sounds mean but if you can’t afford to get it done right then choose another colour there’s nothing wrong with being brunette! Always read the suggest length of time & include the application time in that. Wear good gloves, the more fitted the easier it will be o get it where you want it. I took 20 minutes to apply it & left it another 5 for the back of the hair to catch up with the front that was already blonde. As he only wanted it on the mohawk make sure to keep wipes at hand occasionally it will get on hair that doesn’t want doing just wipe if off straight away & it will be fine. Also avoid getting it on the scalp as much as possible as it can sting your skin a little.

10.40pm – Wash It Out

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - yellow

When you wash it out wear gloves still & take your time. I’ve had accidents in the past where you get bleach burn where a little is left in overnight & it basically makes that but brittle & break off. Luckily it was at the back but you wake up & you know straight away what you did! However wash it well & use conditioner or even a hair mask to help with the damage. Once you’ve washed that all out we blow dry his hair which makes it more porous to the semi-permanent dye.

11pm – Crazy Color Time!

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - semi dye in

This is a bit of a strange dye compared to Directions colours. Crazy Colour is more liquid & because of that soaks in quickly. I was half wondering if the 100 ml would be enough even though the Directions is 88 ml it’s thicker like gel & we use about two-thirds of a pot. What I did was start with the important front & middle section & really rubbed it in to spread it out. I then went back over each section to check for any yellow spots which there were a lot of. I think in the end I used about 60 ml which if I had missed any I can go back over afterwards because it will stick out like a sore thumb! We washed it out at about 12pm which gave the dye enough time to soak into the hair. I did get some on his forehead but a good tip is when you come to wash it out apply a cleanser to your face preferably a thick one. We used the Lush Kalamazoo one so that as you wash the dye out it stops the stain dying your face a lovely shade of blue! It works really well so much so that it got the bits of stain out that I got on his face when I applied it. Sadly when I stood in the bath to help wash it out I did end up with blue stained feet, lucky nobody sees them!

13.30pm – The Next Day

A Late Night Mahawk in Crazy Color Peacock Blue - finished

So as far as Peacock Blue is it’s come out more blue-green than anything. I have found a few patches where I’ve missed which I will likely go over at some point in the week. My fella says he’s happy with it so I’m please by that. We do have a Lagoon Blue from Directions that we will probably use next as this one fades out & if I remember I’ll take photos of that at the time.

Crazy Color in Peacock Blue was £3.50 at Cleopatra’s in Meadowhall.

Online at Bee Unique it’s £3.90 but they also have lots of other brands & shades including a gallery cross referenced with the dyes that people have uploaded so you can see multiple results.

Are you tempted to go a crazy colour for spring summer? Maybe for softer pastel results dilute it with condition for hair like InTheFrow. If you prefer bright shades take a peek at my Red Hair with Directions.

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