Minimise My Pores Please…

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Pore Minimisers - sanctuary porefessional no7 - dupes are a girls best friend

For every hair on the body there is a skin pore with it. We have around 5 millions pores all over our body but just a small percentage are visible to the naked eye and I intend to minimise this however I can. Pores so large that black heads form in them easily however much we clean. As I’ve said before I’m on a little bit of a mission, to downsize and just plain clear out or cover them up anyway I can…

Minimise Pores – Clean them, shrink them or conceal

These are the few products I’ve tried recently to minimise them in my skin care and makeup routine that may work for you too.

Sanctuary – Pore Refining Toner £2.99 30 ml

For as long as this has been in the travel minis section at Boots I’ve told myself I’d pick it up and give it a go. Sadly to say I shouldn’t have bothered. OK so the 30 ml only lasted for around 14 uses so that’s day and night for a week but I expected at least something by then. As a toner in general it’s fine but I had hopes for more but didn’t spot any difference what so ever. The only thing I did find was at the end of the week my clear skin ended up with spots. I’ve gone back to The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner and it’s taken a few weeks but my skin is almost back to normal.

N07 – Pore Vacuum £14 50 ml

An odd-looking green peel of mask, nothing like the cheap tea tree ones from Boots mind you. At £14 this isn’t cheap but it has helped clear the pores in my nose a huge amount. I’ve used this around a month and in the last 2 weeks I’ve used it almost every other day just on my nose and I’d say I have about a third left. It smells a little funny but I think it’s worth it. If you wanna know more head over to the full review.

Benefit – Porefesional Primer £24.50 22 ml

Unlike any other silicone primer I’ve used this is a matte skin toned balm. The smooth texture seems to fill my pores in and blur the visibility before you even apply make up. Certain foundations don’t work with this  but I either use it under a powder foundation otherwise I’d sample foundations first along with it as on certain ones this can make the foundation roll into bits, not a good look. I nearly found the perfect match in Smashbox Photo Studio Skin but I couldn’t get a light enough colour match. The thing is this product is worth the time to find a base match for it. Yes it’s £24.50 but you use so little each time that you get your moneys worth out of it. This is my perfect camouflage even if my skin isn’t great underneath. I like to apply this to my cheeks otherwise you can see my pores when I apply powder blush of foundation.

I’m always on the look out for more ways to minimise those pores so f you have any good ones please let me know and comment below

Jess x x x