Miners Vixen Demi Matte Vamp Lipstick – Mac Diva Dupe

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Miners Vixen - The Demi Matte  Vamp Lipstick  - 1

When it comes to lipstick I seem to always come back to the same shades so when I picked up Miners Vixen it was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I live in shades somewhere between off pinks (see Dusty Pink ), berry shades (Razzberry or Berry Much) & vamp reds which I’m talking about today. Don’t you love when two of your favourite things come together, a bargain vamp lipstick & Coca Cola bringing the named bottles out both named Vixen, fate! I can’t stay away from these burgundy deep reds which just stand out & mean I can get away with doing less everywhere else. If you’re looking at my lips then you might just miss my not twins or even sisters uneven brows! For me it’s all about moving focus which makes my life a little easier, that & a little of my reminiscent goth teen years.

Miners Vixen Matte Effect Lipstick

Miners Vixen - The Demi Matte  Vamp Lipstick - mi
Miners Matte Effect Lipstick in Vixen

I love Mac Diva and somehow I forgive it every time for it drying my lips out but my search had me looking for something better. It first came in the form of Revenge a Collection lipstick from the Gothic Glam range. This is very much a glossy shade and is a little more raspberry red but as most glossy shades do they wear away faster. Yes you can wear a lip liner underneath or even apply Mac Diva first but I still want it simpler than that.

Miners Vixen - The Demi Matte  Vamp Lipstick  - collage

Miners Vixen Matte Effect lipstick is a pretty good offering but it’s still not the one. It’s got the right gist but not quite there. It’s a little berry toned but more red than Revenge but not as opaque as Diva. Matte Effect does make sense though, it goes on wet with no dragging making it easier to use then dries down to a demi matte finish. This is a best of both world making it the closest dupe to Macs Diva I have but you definitely need lip liner as this does bleed on its own. As always I’d suggest Deception a Top Shop lip pencil.

It’s a little hard to find Miners cosmetics if you don’t shop online.You can find them in House Of Fraser clearance stores & I did find a Miners stand in a Pharmacy up Broomhill in Sheffield so keep an eye out and let me know if you find them where you are.

Vixen Miners Matte Effect Lipstick cost £2.99, well worth a try if you haven’t tried out a vamp lip yet or can’t get on board with pure matte shades.