Where Is My Mind #6 – Xmas Edit

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christmas tree 2014

Where is my mind? Well Christmas of course, like pretty much everyone else is. I’m writing this on Christmas Eve just a few hours after my last shift at work finished. It’s one of those bizarre work days where everything gets cleaned down in a ritualistic way even though in engineering we all know it will be a mess within a day or two of our return. I think we need Christmas to decompress and just breathe or sleep in many cases (myself included). So I will leave you with a few bits to keep you entertained because I know you’ll have seen that Christmas film already a few hundred times & have probably eaten too much dinner to move further than your laptop or more likely your mobile. Hope you all have a fun holiday & I feel sorry for but appreciate those who have to work through this festive period like the Nurses (my sister), Firemen & Police.

Need a Laugh ? 

Whenever I’m feeling off such as the cold I have now then I have a go to person I watch on Youtube. This is none other than Jennifer Lawrence and any interview she has ever done. That girl has gone through the ringer this year & she still knows how to make it work for her. She has me laughing out loud (actually not figuratively). See this one from November on The David Letterman Show.

If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 then I suggest you do as I think it’s the best out of the three that are now out.

Bored, Need Something New To Read?

There are few bloggers where I have to read everything they’ve written but occasionally I come across a blog series where I remember to watch out for it and read it every week. My favourite has been Wittering Wednesday by Tea Party Beauty. It’s all about her view-point whether it’s something everyone’s talking about or just in her thoughts their always interesting.

Or Watch On Youtube?

Try these beauty Youtuber’s to give you some ideas for what you’re gonna spend that Christmas money on. In no particular order as I would trust these opinions to get ideas for beauty bits I buy.

Miss Budget Beauty or Diary Of A Spendaholic

Talk Becky Talk

Goss Makeup Artist


Sharon Farrell

A Model Recommends

What To Do On Boxing Day?

Other than the obvious sales, go see Paddington Bear in will melt your heart!


Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night……