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May Favourites

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I know we are already a week into June & this should be up already but I fail sometimes, usually most times with timing! As for my favourites I’ve really been loving hair products this month which features heavily in this post. Funnily enough except for one product its mainly drugstore buys which have piqued my interest the most in the month of may.

Hair Care

Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner 250ml £4.39 (on offer at £2.19)

This was a spur of the moment buy when I wanted to do a mix with my Directions Hair dye. As it’s white it doesn’t interfere with the shade much, maybe lightening it just a little. This makes the 88ml pot of dye last longer which with my hair & how often I use it is a big bonus. The shea butter scent helps to mask the hair dye smell which when you leave it on as long as I do it makes the process so much more enjoyable. For such an affordable hair conditioner this is free from sulphates, parabens & petrochemicals & full of naturally derived ingredients. This always makes my hair feel lovely & soft & much less frizzy than it normally is.

Directions Hair Color in Pillarbox Red 88ml £4

I had to give this a mention as for at least a few months I think I’ll be sticking with this particular shad. For anyone worried I’m dying my hair all to often the Directions are stain dyes which don’t affect the structure of th hair in a damaging way. If anything it helps as to use the colours you usually have to lighten your hair first with bleach. Taking colour out by bleaching leaves gaps that the stain dye can partially fill in helping it. I just love how bright of a red this is and as it fades it leaves it with a pink base as opposed to an orange one which the Vermillion Red is. See my post Adding Some Extra Red With Directions to see the colour.

Batiste Nourish & Enrich Dry Shampoo 200ml £3.99

This isn’t so much a love of this particular one but all Batiste in general. It is a good one where if you prefer a subtle scent then this has one. I just love the brand & buying this new bottle last month reaffirmed that to me. I know everyone gets a white cast a little but as long as you rub it in well enough then it gives you that grease free hair we all prefer to have. I usually just use this at the moment for second day hair as the hotter nights are playing havoc with my hair.


Loreal Absolut Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover 125ml £5.49 (on offer at £3.65)

This does a wonderful job at making eye make-up a quick & painless job. I was always left with panda eyes before which is annoying enough but I ‘d also be left with sore eyes too from rubbing at it with other make-up removers. This doesn’t sting & is effective but what I really loved this most for in May was lipstick removal. It’s one of those things when you change your hair colour that when you try to pair lipstick with a look it’s hard to find a match. Normally I would be left with sore lips trying on different ones them removing them. With this remover it doesn’t have much of a scent, you don’t end up with oily lips & I can apply a new lipstick without the hassle or pain. I did a full post on Loreal Absolut.

Essence Eyeshadow Brush £2.60 ( I think, can be found at Wilkinson’s)

This was such a good bargain makeup brush, it’s dense so it picks colour up well, fluffy enough to blend the edged with it & a good shape for creating a contour further back for my hooded eyes. It’s synthetic so can be used for creams & powders but it’s so soft, I honestly didn’t expect it to be so good. At this price though it’s worth getting one & giving it a chance, you’ll be surprised!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil £14 – £15.50

Because of another Essence brush I haven’t mentioned I can finally make some good use of these cream eyeliner pencils. They have the formula, the pigment & the lasting power but now I finally have a tool I can use them with. You can see it here in this Essence post as it’s made me become semi-competent at applying it without it looking like a child applied it with their eyes closed! I especially love Perversion shade of black as it’s so smooth & super black almost liquid like. I’ll have to do some swatches so you can see how the rest look as a few are interesting shades I have like tornado, a purple with shimmer in it.

What have you been loving this month, please let me know below by commenting as I always like new inspiration!