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Mascara Wars – Great Lash Big ‘V’ 3D Volume

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Mascara Wars - Great Lash Big 'V' 3D Volume - tim

When it comes to mascara I really don’t get that excited about it compared with other make-up. On my budget mascara lands around a cost verses how long it will last. Mascara just doesn’t last long enough for me to justify the cost which is why I’m a drugstore girl at heart. I haven’t tried many but I like to give them a decent go but I don’t expect miracles for my money. So when my 2014 mascara favourite was given a new and improved contender I just had to put my two penneth in with…

Mascara Wars

What I Want In A Mascara

When I look for a mascara it might not be how you would choose one. I always go for blackest black in any brand and I’m not looking for false lash effects either. I want a smooth application that doesn’t irritate my eyes which love to water up. I really hate spiders to begin with so I don’t want all my lashes to be stuck together, oh and clumps are a deal breaker. See I don’t ask for much!

I just want one coat, quick application & no itches!

 Mascara Wars – The Contenders

Mascara Wars - Great Lash Big v 3D Volumecollage

Mascara Wars – The 2014 Classic – Revlon 3D Volume

As recommended by another blog I really did get on well with this one and at £10.99 it’s probably at the high-end of my mascara spending. It has one of those plastic comb type wands with very fine tips and a spikey end to catch every lash. It’s a very wet formula to begin with but it didn’t clump the lashes together but defined them more. My big problem was the spikes were so fine they did feel scratchy, I didn’t like using this for my bottom lash. A good few times I did try it & ended up involuntary blinking giving me A Clockwork Orange kinda of look! I liked that I could get the very inner lashes on my eye which are very blonde. It coats them in a blackest black shade but I wouldn’t say it lengthens but it does give some curl to them. This will last you a fair time but I’m going to say goodbye to this one as it has started to clump which it never used to do.

Mascara Wars – The New Old Love – Maybelline Great Lash Big

When I was much younger I was completely stuck to using Maybelline’s Great Lash. I just felt like it got what I was about, I needed colour on my mousey lashes and to make them stand out more as I rarely wore eyeshadow of any kind. Mascara was the thing make-up wise I could manage without messing up. I trusted and stuck with it for a long time but us girls do love to flit to others too. When I saw Great Lash on the shelves with a New sign with it that was all it took to pull me back in. I’m a sucker for any products new & improved. The new Big version has a new huge wand and a rebooted formula at the bargain price of £4.99. More along the tradition bristle brush type of wand I instantly fell back in with why I got on with it all those years ago. This is almost fool proof as the wand covers most of your lashes in one or too brushes through. The formula means that you can go back over while it’s wet & go back through as much as you like if you want to adjust your lashes. I haven’t had this clump once yet or had to take it off and start again. This is the mascara for girls that want natural enhanced lashes for every day use which is basically me.

The Winner Is…

Well it’s Maybelline of course that have won me back, my only problem is I haven’t seen these in very many stores in the UK. I got mine in Superdrug & keep looking out for it as I’m going to get another just in case hopefully. If not my solution maybe to buy an original and see if the wand fits the pot as I think it’s the same. You can seem to get it on Superdrug’s website but I rarely order anything online (see link on price above).