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Manuka Honey Peel Mask – Montagne Jeunesse

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It’s Sunday & religious or not should at least get one day of rest why not make it today you know you deserve & need it. There’s a good dose of nostalgia for me when I do peel masks, even more so when it’s from the Montagne Jeunesse brand. It’s a little reminder of my younger self who didn’t have a skincare routine & really believed that a face mask should fix everything. I  still have this in me when I use a peel because you relax for at least 10-15 minutes & in your head can put the world right. That inner voice has chance to shine because your outer one is stuck shut & you feel like you’re doing a little something to fix yourself at the same too. The first reasons are more important but the last will always perk you up. Any way what’s more satisfying than peeling it off once it’s dry!

Manuka Honey Peel Mask

I love a peel mask because it has its own time schedule, it can say 15-20 minutes but it’s never that straight forward. Maybe it’s ready to remove once you’ve just finished that chapter you just started. Possibly it needs another 5 minutes before you get on with washing those pots! Either way I really do find peeling it off satisfying like I’m going to find my skin has miraculously become 10 years younger just for that second I can dream.

Back To The Mask At Hand

This runny yellow liquid feels like you just had that great idea to just pour honey on your face. It has a bit of a sickly sweet honey scent which might not suit all. There’s the slightest tingle when you first put it on but it’s barely there & that honey scent does disappear after a few minutes. I usually just use this on my t-zone for a quick boost of extra cleansing but I’ll leave that up to you. The 10 ml is always more than you need so have a quick peek at how to get more from your peel masks. I write about it on my Montagne Jeunesse Seaweed Peel Mask post it’s so simple but works. I find lots of peel masks come off in bit’s annoying but this literally came off in one piece which I do love about it. My skin feels soft, hydrated & better off for doing it. This Manuka Honey Peel is a lovely addition to my many face masks so much so that I already have bought another one!

What are your favourite single sachet face masks? Or do you prefer to buy multi-use masks?