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My Makeup Storage & Why?

One of the reasons I love blogs are the amount of each view from around the world available at your finger tips. Creativity being aimed into what we are most passion about. I feel like with blogging even storage is a big part of it.We have lots of makeup, skin care & hair products,some more than others! Where does it say that how one person stores their makeup is better than another? In truth I’m just sick of seeing clear Muji draws. I know you can see everything inside but I wonder how often the cobwebs are swept back to the forgotten pieces stuck at the back. The other pet peeve is the vast number of white Ikea desks. I just find it boring sometimes, not that my storage is a picture worthy of Pintrest. What I lack in cash I makeup hopefully in an organised chaos. It makes sense to me anyway…

Makeup Storage

My Makeup Storage & Why - mi

I’ve included my nail varnish storage as well as I seem to have accumulated way more nail polish than I realised. I originally organised this by brand but it just seemed like a mess & harder to find what I wanted. I’ve got them by shade this way I can search easily for the colour I’m feeling that day. On to the makeup, by the way both units are hand me downs from family. My makeup is on a bathroom cabinet that lost its frosted door from my lovely sister. It seems to just about fit all the makeup I have in use now. I did a mini spring clean &  got rid of makeup I know I don’t like enough to use. It’s important to keep track of these things because what isn’t use to you may suit a friend or family member better.

My makeup is stored in order of use, starting at the top shelf. This has all my base products so primers & foundations. Next is blusher, mascara & eyeliners a little mingled but it’s where they fit. Next a shelf completely devoted to eye shadow as I do love using them a lot & buying them by the looks of it. I’m still undecided about whether to buy an Urban Decay Naked palette. Which one would you go for? One shelf down is my small collection of lipsticks. It may look pretty sparse on this shelf but I’d say in the last year it’s the one I’ve added to the most. I’m very particular with lipsticks as they can become a mess very easily. Which is why most are expensive ones but I use them often so I think that’s fair enough for the quality. Nearly there, below this is my Krispy Kreme tin full of Lip Balms (which have all been reviewed) & a few more lipstick one’s I’m unsure if I’ll be keeping or not. Last & kinda least interesting is my blogging grave yard. This is where I keep all the boxes for anything I’ve bought but haven’t photographed yet.

My Makeup Storage & Why - mi 2

So why do I store my makeup like this?

This isn’t neat  in the sense of shutting a draw & forgetting about it. This is neat where I know where all my eyeliners are. I can find that one eyeshadow because I stack it with the others from the same brand. I can pick & choose from everything I have because I can see it. I can compare in my head which I used last time. Did it work? No. Then try something different. Can I be bothered to used my sponge today? It takes longer but you get good coverage. No. Ok, I’ll use my Mac Studio Fix that’s faster. When everything is at your finger tips & organised it pretty much the order I choose my makeup I can find old loves. I can see if that mascara has been in there longer than it should & get rid of it. I love candle holders for eyeliner, lip liner 7 mascara as I can grab them all at once. I can decide between them all or swatch to choose the right shade.

There is the occasional frame where you catch a glimpse of perfection broken ,usually on YouTube. Where a tutorial was completed or a bulk photo sessions wasn’t quite cleared up. This is a beautiful to me as tidy is to others. We all get our makeup off a shelf or from a draw maybe out of a shoe box. For me at least it doesn’t get tidied until I next time I do my makeup. This way I can pick a whole new choice for my face & then put the others back. This is real life people & bloggers are unique as you choose to be.

How do you store your makeup?

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