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Makeup Revolution – New Budget Brand

Makeup Revolution - New Budget Brand


Makeup Revolution – New Budget Brand by dupesareagirlsbestfriend
I’m sure everyones already heard about the new brand Makeup Revolution that has already appeared online at Superdrug but will be making it’s ways into store soon, very soon I’m hoping. How many versions of a nude eyeshadow could they make? I’m loving the very similar if not a dupe for the Stila foil eyeshadows which are about a sixth of the price? Aswell as this their #happy lips balms look an awful lot like the Clarins Smooth instant lipbalm, what do you think? No to mension the very possible dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes? I wonder what Daniel Sandler is thinking about those liquid blushers too? I’m not saying by any means the quality will hold up to the high end but I can only dream and get hold of them for myself.
As for the crazy shades in the corner I doubt I will ever go for those but I thought it fair to show them off seen as Mac have a collection in the works for Summer 2014 called Playland. I has some very similar shades including a yellow lipstick , not sure if this collection will be coming to UK shores but even if it is maybe playing around with a £1 version would be better to see if it suits you sir?

Makeup Revlution Eyeshadow
£1 –

Makeup Revlution Blush Laquer
£3 –

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
£3 –

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick
£1 –

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer
£4 –

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