Make Up For Ever Coming Soon To The UK!

Make Up For Ever Coming Soon To The UK


When I heard a new brand was coming to the UK I was a little overly ecstatic about it! I’ve always had a thing about anything that has new on it, whether its beauty related like this or even washing up liquid I can’t help it. So when I heard that Make Up For Ever would be coming to our little island here in the UK I knew I’d need to get me some of that. Unless you can get across the sea to a Sephora Make Up For Ever is literally out of reach of the grasp of the average beauty lover. But come Spring time it will be hitting shelves of Debenhams in all its major stores, I’m hoping that includes Meadowhall. See as it’s still out of reach I decided to build a sort of wish list slash what will likely be available here as we usually don’t get everything straight away, Ya never know though? The prices below are the american price in Sephora so likely hood is stick a pound sign there and it won’t be far off what we will be paying. I’m really intrested in the pure pigments in some amazing shades, the diamond powder which I remember Goss Makeup talk about in videos & the Aquarelle a water based pigment aimed at different facial features such as for eyeliner, cheeks or lips.

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