Magazine Freebies That Are Worth It!

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Magazine Freebies Elle and Marie Clair - mi

When I saw these I just knew I couldn’t pass them by.magazine freebies come along all the time but some are way better than others. For the month of May there are definitely some well worth freebies even if you don’t always want the magazine. Luckily the two I’ve got I would usually pick them up anyway. Others however just didn’t interest me, Company seem to do the same magazine freebies all the time. I have two of the Company mini varnishes already and they really are generic and not that good. I did see the Nails Inc varnish in Instyle but the grey beige was the only one that seems to be in stock around where I live. Will have to see about the coral shade as I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything like that one.

Magazine Freebies I Did Get

Elle – June 2014 £4 – Benefit Porefessional – This is basically my favourite primer ever, doesn’t work with every foundation but when it does it hides those pores like no other. The last mini size I got before I bought one I rationed because I loved it so much. You get a 7.5 ml miniature which I’ve worked out as £8.35 worth of product. This is just over a third of a normal bottle that is 22 ml. If I dare suggest it but if you want to try Porefessional, use it as a travel size piece or even just want to stock up this is how to do it. Buy 3 Elle Magazines for £12 get 22.5 ml of product which to buy full size is £24.50. You’d be getting a full size Benefit Porefesional for half price and you can pass on your extra magazines to your friends and family. If you’d like to see a full review I did one a while back here & comparing it with other pore minimises (here).

Marie Claire – June 2014 £3.90 – I just love these little sample sets that have been appearing across various publications. I really enjoyed trying out the last one I had which were Ren (here). This time round Instyle are treating us to an Aromatherapy Associates hydrating set it is rose scented so may not suit everyone. I knew I had to get it because I was so annoyed I didn’t pick any oils in the Christmas sales because at the time I didn’t have a bath to use them in. This set isn’t oils but face skin care which includes:

Renewing Rose Cleanser 10 ml worth £1.25

Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser 5 ml worth £5.60

Rose Face Mask 15 ml worth £5.55

I’m pretty sure this and a good sale are the only way I could really afford to buy into Aromatherapy Associates. That been said don’t we all deserve a super special treat every now and again. For £3.90 it’s not too bad when you get £12.40 worth of product along with a good magazine to read as well.

I’ll leave you with this photo below to show how we “celebrated” May the 4th be with you. If you fancy trying out some eggy bread and can’t cook like me then I suggest heading over to to see how my fella makes his.


Starwars - May The 4th Be With You