Vino at Mac – When a Lip Pencil Became My Lipstick

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Mac - Lip Liner - Noir

When I have a moment of weakness which in my case is happening all to often, I make a detour and fall down the rabbit hole landing in Mac… strange things happen. I don’t know if it’s the amazing make up that all the staff are wearing or just the excitement of all the shades on display but bad things happen to my purse I just can’t explain. I recently became more daring and really wanted to change things up. All too often I play it safe but now I just don’t see the point. My love of make up wants me to be a chameleon and so I’m taking steps to do just that.

Mac - Lip Liner - Noir 2

I actually wasn’t even thinking of lip pencils but I picked a dark purple lipstick which I then found out was out of stock but was suggested the Noir Lip Pencil to go with it before we realised this. Someone else suggested a different lipstick but it was actually burgundy. In the end I had the Mac Matte Lipstick in Diva and the Mac Vino Lip Pencil two completely different colours! I found out after that there is a burgundy Lip Pencil but it wasn’t suggested at the time (mmm little annoyed).

Mac - Lip Liner - Noir 3

Me being me if I buy something I’ll find a way to make use of it. The great thing is I really like the lip pencil and even though I have heard iffy things such as it dragging I haven’t had that issue. I always apply lip balm before I apply anything else to my lips and this helped the lip pencil glide. At first my hand was shaky as I haven’t used one before in any brand but a little practise and I was there. I can’t quite get it mirror perfect yet but I found this I lovely way to use it. The plum shade has a red undertone and it dries out on the lips like a matte lipstick does. If you’re not used to this it may feel a little tight but not bad for just a lip pencil and when I got home after about 6 hours what was left was a pink/red stain on the lips that didn’t look out-of-place. I did this look with just the eyes in matte shades with the MUA Undress Me Too palette so my eyes didn’t detract from the lips and this worked well together.

I think I really do need to get round to making a lip scrub up or at least buying one as I think it would improve the texture of my lips and prevent any little darker patches. This Lip Pencil is £12 and is would be a lot for just a lip liner but it’s not exactly small and I will use it all over more often than not. I’m already looking at other shades such a Beet (a reddish-pink) and Currant (reddish-purple).