False Lash Extreme – A Mac Dupe

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When it comes to expensive mascara I don’t really buy into it because they have such a short product life. It’s suggested to throw them out every 3 months as they can become contaminated each time we run the spoolie through our lashes & the dip it back into the tube. This is why the first expensive mascara that I’ve come across is Mac’s False Lash Extreme which I got as a sample size when I made an online order. I’ve only recently notice how similar it is to one of my old favourites so I had to let you gals see & decide for yourselves if it is too.

Mac False Lash Extreme Black Mascara 

Everyday Wear

I thought a non close up would be useful because at the end of the day this is how we see ourselves as a whole not super close up. From this distance I can’t tell that I’m wearing two different mascaras, my lashes are very black with one coat of each of them which is how I wear it. Can you tell from this photo alone, without cheating which is the £19 mascara & which is the £4.99 one?

Mac False Lash Extreme Dupe - me

The False Lash Extreme Dupe

Mac False Lash Extreme Dupe - collage

When I look at the close ups I still  can only tell the difference because I remembered which I did first otherwise they look the same. It’s nice being able to say ” Oh it’s a Mac mascara” when asked by a friend but it’s even better when you can either get nearly 4 times as many or for a £1 more than the Mac mascara get a Mac lipstick & a mascara too! I’ve already confessed my love for Maybelline Great Lash & it’s new Big version too but a mix of these is a perfect dupe for Macs False Lash Extreme.

Mac & Maybelline

Mac False Lash Extreme Dupe - spoolies

These two spoolies are next to each other so you can see the Maybelline mascara wand is much bigger. However the standard Great Lash mascara is a similar size to the Mac spoolie. You can see how they both have a similar spiral where the bristles of the brush lay round the wand. Now that the new formulated mascara is out Great Lash it is even more similar to Mac’s. Macs False Lash Extreme is a very wet mascara which even in this sample size hasn’t dried out at all. It means you can get great coverage & time to play with it before it sets which is how the Maybelline one is as well. The only slight difference is Macs you wait between coats to build up layers where as Maybellines you add coats while it’s still wet then you leave it to dry. I also found the Big mascara wand takes a little longer to learn how to use as the spoolie is so big I occasionally get it on my skin.

Final Thoughts

I think these are so similar in formulation, brush shape & design that they both give big black lashes that stay all day. I think it’s more down to how your natural lashes are & what your looking for more. I think Macs False Lash Extreme gives extra length as the spoolie spirals are tighter together. So for that I’d try Maybellines original version of Great lash. For more of an extra kick of curl & volume then go Great Lash Big because it delivers!

Mac False Lash Extreme Black 8 grams £19

Maybelline Great Lash Big Blackest Black 10 ml £4.99 (Superdrug Only)

Maybelline Original Great Lash Blackest Black £4.99

I’m still deciding on which mascara I will be wearing for my wedding day which I don’t mean to harp on about. I just hope someone comes across this & suggests a good one that they’ve used preferably waterproof please.