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Lulu Guinness Glasses – Seeing Clearly

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There are obvious reasons to wear glasses & I’ve ignored them for as long as I can. I can’t pretend the writing on  TV isn’t blurry, that I’m just tired or being glued to my phone isn’t a bad thing! I’ve spent a decade avoiding eye tests. My theory was if I don’t find the right glasses then I won’t wear them so what’s the point in buying them. Yes stupid logic but I’m surprisingly good at convincing myself. However in the last 6 months I started to catch on just how fuzzy things were. Glasses aren’t such a bad thing after all.

How I Got My Lulu Guinness Glasses

The Eye Test

In all honesty I wasn’t particularly choosy where I had then check I just knew they needed it. I’m the sort of person who when I finally make up my mind on something it’s a now or never basis. Luckily it was a now thing & managed to get an appointment at Boots. The first part of the test was sitting in a semi-dark room having a light shined in my eye. Although the woman did her job professionally I did wish I had asked more questions or was simply told why to begin with. I felt a little judged as I haven’t had them checked in so long but maybe that was simply me feeling guilty…

I then saw an optician, he used those glasses with different lenses & trying I had to read the alphabet on the far wall. This felt very relaxed & however many questions I asked he answered in a way even I understood. Once he did this he put the lenses into a frame so I could look at distance across the room. This is when I realized just how blurry my sight was, clearly my eyes had been over compensating for a very long time. Close up I was  fine but far away was fuzzy at best. It was like going from an old square TV to High Definition. Think Season 1 of Friends verses Season 10!

lulu guiness glasses

Picking My Glasses

Now I did take a look at the Boots range afterwards but didn’t find what I wanted. There was either very affordable glasses or a whole host of really expensive ones. I know I finally went with a designer brand but not in the £200-£300 price mark.

I decided to go to Vision Express as I had seen a decent amount pairs I liked the look of online. I tried about 10-15 pairs mainly in a particular shape I thought suited me. I also avoided any pair that was black because I’ve tried to embrace more colour in my life.

lulu guiness glasses - worn

I finally choose a pair of red Lulu Guinness glasses the frame is plastic which I wanted them to be light weight for comfort. I remember the milk bottle bottom glasses my dad used to wear that dug into his nose all the time. Ordering them was pretty straight forward & they arrived a week later. They felt a little tight the first few times I wore them but that seems to have adjusted since then. I love the bold red shade as I recently went blonde & find it balances out the bold lipstick colours I tend gravitate towards.

I feel so different wearing glasses but not self conscious like I would have in the past. It’s something I avoided for so long I have myself convinced I didn’t need them. Now as soon as I get home I have them on as before I couldn’t even read the writing on our TV. Even just being on my laptop I feel like everything’s clearer.

Lulu Guinness Glasses £129

Have you got glasses recently? How did it change things for you?

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