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Loreal Absolut – A Budget Bi-phase Make-up Remover

I’m in love with make-up but the most boring job of the day is to take it back off. I can enjoy the skincare part that comes afterwards because it relaxs me & makes my face feel happy. The reason I’ve sat Loreal Absolut next to the Nivea Double Effects is because the Nivea one is what put me off trying others for so long. It wasn’t until I emptied my Loreal Skin Perfecting Cleansing oil  recently that I tried something new. The cleansing oil works & removes almost everything but it wasn’t good enough to repurchase it.

At just 125 ml you could feel like your not getting your moneys worth in terms of micellar waters & make-up removers. The biggest problem with bi-phase products which are water & oil based is that they don’t like to mix. As soon as you shake them the oil will begin to float to the top & the water will sink. Each part has its own useful properties to help remove your make-up. The only reason I still have the Nivea one is if I ever run out it’s there incase.

Loreal Absolut – The Shake It Experiment

Firstly the Nivea one I could never shake it & get it on a cotton pad fast enough before it had started to separate. I’d get practically no blue & mainly the clear part which made me a little crazy. That & when I did try to use it, it just felt greasy on my skin it did a reasonable job to an extent but I wasn’t happy with it. So the first picture at the top of the page is obviously when both had settled. I then gave them both a good shake up, sat them down & took photos until they had re-settled. The photo below is the point where the Nivea had settled & separated but the Loreal Absolute is still mixed with a little at the bottom starting to go clear again.

Loreal Absolut - A Budget Bi-phase Eye & Lip Make-up Remover - after

It’s a simple enough test but if your going to use a bi-phase product should be easy as easy to use as any other make-up remover which is why I keep using this one over the Nivea version.

Loreal Absolut

This is a win for me because my biggest problem with the Loreal Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil was it made my eyes blurry afterwards like there was a film over them & I couldn’t see properly. It doesn’t last but it’s annoying when you want to get on to the rest of your routine. Loreal Absolut is oily but it doesn’t feel like it leaves a film & it gets your make-up off quickly. I like to use two cotton pads, one on each eye where I hold them in place with my lashes held down. Then I turn them over & slowly push the lashes up to get the mascara off my lashes. I do seem to be getting through this faster than the other but it is a smaller bottle. What I really like is that I can use it for my lips too, without any funny taste. One swipe takes almost all of my lipstick off even the matte ones even after reapplying through the day. It gets my long lasting lippies off like Bobbi Brown Creamy Mattes & Nars Velvet Matte lip Pencils without having to scrub my lips to death.

The Con!

However neither are perfect in regards to poring it out onto a cotton pad, something that should be simple, maye it’s just me…

I have to put a finger over the end while I shake it upside down then attempt to get it to go straight on to the cotton pad. It’s one of my big pet peeves it’s why I never replaced the Loreal Micellar Water I was always getting it on my hands more than the cotton pads! I can’t see why they can’t have those rubber openings like on sports bottles so they’re none drip, you can shake it and squeeze with a better aim onto a cotton pad. Obviously you wouldn’t need to buy it as often if they did but then again it puts me off buying them again.

I’ll be interested to see how fast the blue liquid disappears & how much of the clear is left over. For a drugstore bi-phase this is a good one at a very fair price & sometimes it’s better to spend a few extra quid on it to get something that is less hassle to work with. I actually have the Loreal Micellar Gel as well but I’ve used it for correcting make-up. I think I need to give it a chance as a make-up remover because I think it would last longer because of the gel formula.

Loreal Absolut Eye & Lip Make-up Remover is £5.49.

What’s your favourite make-up remover? I don’t know how good this works with water-proof mascara as I don’t have any. Can you think of any to recommend just for that?

Jess x

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