The Liquid Lipstick Even I Can Apply

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As a lover of matte lipstick, I thought liquid lipstick would be its evolved easier to apply cousin. However as much as I’ve mastered lipstick wearing a liquid formula has been a bit of a nightmare! I’ve bought them, applied them, got them on then taken them off again. I know eyeliner can sense fear but liquid lipsticks give me the shakes! However I may have found a winner!

Sometimes I over draw to correct myself then look like I’m trying for Kylie Jenner lips! That smudge where I wipe it with a finger only to find seconds later it’s on my face smeared across freshly applied foundation. I’m not saying this fixes all of that but I can apply it & leave the house wearing it… confidently.

Liquid Lipstick – Owned But Not Worn Out

My first one that I was sure I needed was The Balm & having seen it in a Superdrug store in Birmingham quickly bought two! I like these but there a bit more fiddly it’s a much wetter formula. Usually I muck it up, I think the wand on the applicator is too long. I have a few Makeup Revolution ones that I’m keeping back for autumn & New Look I just don’t like the shade on me it’s too much of a bright pink!

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

I have to point out it’s not specifically the shade that makes this, it’s the formula that wins it for me. These are not for the gloss fans they’re highly pigmented and pack a punch. I recommend you to look at lots of swatches or go in store & try them yourself. What you see in the tube isn’t the colour you get on your lips. However you can apply one layer for a lighter shade & add a second to build it to a darker one. Copenhagen looks like a pure purple in the tube & is more of a reddish purple on the lips. Below is one layer & funnily enough it’s more light the shade of my glasses with two layers, how coordinated can I get!

nyx soft matte lip cream copenhagen


With that out the way the creamy consistency it just wonderful. I still use the Clinique All About Lips like my regular lipsticks as a primer. With a similar technique that I do in my Lipstick Method post. Nyx gave it a cute little wand that means it’s much closer to my face. I feel much sturdier and feel I get a smoother edge because of it. It’s doe foot applicator is the right shape but I wish it was less furry. I try to work in strokes as opposed to dabbing it on (other than the center which is fine) which can give the appearance like it’s bled even if it hasn’t.

Wear Time

If I said ” All The Live Long Day” even that could be a lie as it’s there well into the night! I’ve eaten with little worry other than if its oily food I’d be a little more careful. It’s almost always on the centre so it’s easy to touch up. This is something you might notice but no one else would. It’s matte so it does dry down but it didn’t get to the point of uncomfortable. When it comes to removing this a micellar is fine but I’d personally use an oil cleanser. Anything you don’t mind the taste of being on your lips! My favourite oil cleanser is Una Brennan’s Superfacialist.

I’ve already got a second one of these so you know it’s a good one to get. I love that these are so affordable & so much easier to get hold of now they’re in Boots! Nyx Matte Lip Creams have such a great choice of colours theres one to suit everybody. If you have a favourite shade or know of a matte  liquid lipstick you think I’ll like more please comment below.

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