Lil Bit Of Pampering with Garnier Self Heating Clay Sauna Mask

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This has been a bit of a rough week for me with life getting crazily hectic as I will be moving in the next few months and still looking for a place. So when I saw this on the weekend and at only 85p for two face masks I saw it as the perfect way to give my self some me time, even if it was just a five minutes rest and sit down doing nothing.

Garnier - spa clay mask

The Garnier Skin Naturals Self Heating Sauna Masks are still on offer at Superdrug in store and online. A clay mask to help clear pores and control oil with the concept to help blackheads and blemishes. Wet skin and apply this with a little bit of massaging to make the mask heat up and then leave for 3 minutes.

wearing garnier clay mask

This was pretty easy to put on, didn’t dry out within the three minutes so came off relatively quick with a face cloth. This is a pretty standard mask but I did like that it didn’t have an overly strong smell. As for the the self heating it was mildly warm at best but I wasn’t expecting it to do much. When I removed it I could feel my skin felt oil free but not striped. Beyond that it was just a treat to enjoy for that small amount of time, the thing I actually noticed is after using both of them between Monday and today was I used a Tea Tree Nose Strip. You know the ones that stick to your nose , you leave to dry then pull it off and see all the rubbish that’s clogging your pores up. Well normally its like mini black polka dots all over the strip but this time only maybe half as many came out of my skin. I’m hoping that this is partly due to the mask so I may have to pop in and get some more.