Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK – 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

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Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later - products

I just love finding new make-up especially when I didn’t even know we had it here in the UK. When I spied this Leather Effect Color Tattoo from Maybelline in Boots I just knew I had to have it. A big fan of the originals of which I have three (On & On Bronze, Timeless Black & Pomegranate). This is in Creamy Beige which I thought would be a good base shade. Their are 5 shades but I’ve only seen this one and vintage plum which I didn’t think would suit me. These are £4.99 each.

So rich. So creamy. Only our cream gel eye shadow formula gets the look of couture leather so right. – Maybelline

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later- eyes

Creamy Beige Leather Effect

Saturday mid-day I decided that I really fancied going to the cinema & get a dose of Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game (well worth seeing!). I’m no Cumberbitch as his loyal fans are refered to but I do find him interesting. When I have a new piece of make-up I just have to swatch it on my hand. It’s a matte beige but it still has sparkle it feels like a contradiction but it works. First the new piece then I try out what I think will work with it, above is the final combo. Firstly when I used my finger to do this you can feel it’s a much drier formula that the original. The leather effect seems harder to work with using my finger so when I applied it with the No7 Eye Colour brush to pat down the colour on to my lid. This worked easily and gave me control of how high I went with the shade. Next came my blending brush which is also No7 but was discontinued it’s basically the same as a Mac 217. You have to blend this pretty quickly as it sets but there’s no reason you can’t add a bit at a time where you want more.

For more of a definition between the leather effect and my brow I applied Macs Mont Blanc eyeshadow. It’s a very finely milled matte shadow so it brightens & softens the gap without it looking like it’s really there.I finally found a use for the Whiskey shade on my Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Eye pencil. I finally get why everyone and their mum loves them. If I can manage to line my eyes then anyone can, this stuck around even in my waterline.

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

My theory on the “leather effect” is it’s more matte than the others. The formula applied a very thin layer that’s almost like when you describe foundation as being a second skin. Without the fine glitter it would look very two-dimensional & this suits more of a day to-night look where you could amp it up with a lipstick.

8 Hours Later

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

Let’s just say it yellow lighting sucks but you can still see that after 8 hours of wear almost all of my eye make-up is still there. There’s a bit of the leather effect missing in the crease but other than that it’s all there. I was really pleased how long this lasted on me I don’t have oily lids but others tend to look worse after this length of time. My Maybelline Big Great Lash also stood the test of time & even the UD eyeliner did too. Will it last 24 hours? I’m still doubting that one but then again who really has their make-up on that long. Would it last for a night out? I think it would do better that most eyeshadow.