Korres For Dry Damaged Hair Splurge or Save?

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I love doing crazy things with my hair which is why I’m so adventurous with dying it. I’m on a red streak which you can see in my post on Adding Some Extra Red With Directions. I’ve gone down a less damaging route by getting it dyed at a hair salon then keeping it topped up with Directions in Pillarbox Red. I’m more willing to step outside of the drugstore for my hair care, but is it worth it & can you tell the difference? I’ve recently been using two brands that both have a high natural ingredient content, both meant for dry damaged or frizzy hair which is just me all over!

Korres For Dry Damaged Hair – Splurge

My little obsession with this brand only started recently when my fella picked up the shampoo in T.K.Maxx for half price! He liked the smell & it was originally just meant for him! However when I gave it a try myself I fell in love with it. The almond & linseed scent is warm & inviting which is a lovely way to wind down with. You really only need a bit to get a decent lather as this does contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate. A problem on the face but prefered when it comes to my choice in shampoo, thick coarse hair can be a pain. I knew I had to give it a go with the conditioner & knew it would be the full price! For me spending £10 on conditioner is lots compared to what I normally buy. I knew it was available online but I’m an in-store kinda gal. Luckily it’s available in John Lewis & got it about 3 weeks ago. It smells just as divine as the shampoo, it’s super thick & creamy. I leave it on as long as I can in the bath using it with my Tangle Teezer to get the full benefits of it as it helps to distribute the conditioner through my hair. For me this is a weekend set as I can use it, let my hair dry over night & get wavy hair without the frizz. For those days when I don’t want to use my Ghd’s I still get soft manageable hair. My only peeve is you get more shampoo that conditioner which makes no sense what so ever! Available in Debenhams & John Lewis.

Korres Shampoo For Dry Damaged Hair 250 ml (84.7% natural) £10

Korres Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair 200 ml (92.2% natural) £10

Natural Ingredient – Less Of The Nasties!

Korres For Dry Damaged Hair Splurge or Save - collage

When I look at the bottles Korres is better laid out even though most of it’s not in English the facts are & it’s clear what’s in it or not. I think Naked have tried too hard to pull at the heart string when it puts ” we don’t believe on testing our ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy”. I but are they who guess it’s easier for kids to understand but not really the ones buying it.

Naked Rescue Intensive Care – Save!

Korres For Dry Damaged Hair Splurge or Save - naked rescue

This I can across completely by accident, I needed a white conditioner to mix in with Directions to bulk it out 7 make it smell nicer. I remember Laura’s Eye View (previously Laura Loves Beauty) talk about it in a Youtube video a while back. This shampoo & conditioner actually has more natural ingredient in it at 97% which I think maybe the gap between how much natural ingredient can do versus the less natural Korres which can do more for my hair. I was all for any hair products with silicone in it but it’s a cheap substitute for hair that’s actually healthier which both do give. The Naked Rescue Shampoo is a bit of an any brand shampoo it does the job but didn’t make me want it more than any other. However the conditioner is spot on, it doesn’t smell as amazing as the Korres but it’s still lovely to use. I kinda feel guilty using too much of the Korres but this is perfect for week day washes. It leaves my hair less frizzy than before without any tangles. The brand is often on 1/2 price or 3 for  at Boots.

Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo 250 ml £4.39

Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner 250 ml £4.39

I think I’m going to carry on using these as they both have a place in my hair care routine. However I think they are very similar in what they can do. They both clean as shampoos but I still prefer the Korres one much more. As for the conditioner the Naked brand is as close of a dupe as your going to get when it comes to natural ingredient products.

What’s you favourite hair duo?