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Juicy Shaker & 5 Minute Face

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After using the Laura Mercier Stickgloss I decided maybe I was being harsh on lip gloss by generalizing them as a sticky waste of time. Even after seeing the Lancome Juicy Shaker I still wasn’t convinced it could be any different to any other gloss. However when a giveaway is involved I’m more than willing to give it a chance. I was lucky enough to win one & when it finally arrived I had to try it out.

So does this lip gloss as Lancome say #bantheboring ?

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I really wasn’t expecting much from this little cocktail shaker shaped gloss. On first impressions I thought this packaging was going to feel cheap & tacky a little like something Benefit would do. However Lancome kept it classy & well designed. It’s design is less teenagers mixing vodka with anything & more cosmopolitans in a classy bar. I shouldn’t go on about packaging but at the essence of the product it actually has a purpose. It goes without saying Lancome & its makeup creative director Lisa Eldridge have created something unique & innovative.

Shake Shake Shake Your Juicy Shaker

No, you don’t have to shake it all the time, but you do to get the Juicy Shaker gloss to mix. It’s bi phase formula includes sweet almond oil, omega 3 & cranberry oil along with pigments to give a sheer wash of colour & of course a lip gloss finish.

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Meli Melon

Even before I looks at the shade name I knew exactly what it was as soon as I twisted off the lid. It has a beautiful fresh melon scent that doesn’t smell synthetic at all. It’s not overpowering you while you wear it but it enhances the lip gloss which helps as it has a price tag that reflects these added luxe elements. It does have glitter but it’s so fine I couldn’t see or feel it when I applied it, giving a plumping effect. As for the shade this one is a pretty pink with a hint of coral you can see worn below.

When you shake the bottle & it mixes you take the lid off to show a fuzzy little dome inside the lid which is the applicator. I expect this to be messy but it’s actually quite precise & easy to use. I like that the lip gloss it’s self is held in place in the bottle with a few hole for just enough to get on the dome when you shake it.

I first wore this on one of the few days we’ve had in Britain where we had sunshine & warm weather as well! It worked really well with my simple make-up look I’d taken when we stop over in a hotel for my hubby’s birthday. It added enough colour to look & feel like Spring was finally here & to brighten my pale complexion. This lasted about an hour where it felt very comfortable & nourishing. Even with my dry cracked lips this seemed to mask it really well. After this it does dry down I wasn’t expecting lip gloss miracles but it’s easy enough to reapply without a mirror.

13 Shades Of Juicy Shaker

After I tried this my first thought was I wanted to go & buy another so I headed off to John Lewis. I went through the shades, swatching them on my hand but to my dismay many of them look the same. There are a couple of darker shades hinting closer to red shades. There is a limited edition shade Mint To Be that’s blue which ticks the boxes for me I love something a little strange. However I’m trying to be good (watch this space)! So unless you really love the idea of more than one pink but with different scents I think you could easily have one & not be missing out.

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Five Minute Face Routine

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I always start with my base & after losing my original Mac Studio Fix powder last October I caved & picked up a new one. Face,neck even over eyelids, I was in a rush (lazy).It’s a little powdery if you do go high coverage but nothing a fixing spray can’t fix! Next I went in with the Tarte Clay Blush in Blushing Bride, I’ve decided I won’t waste this one by saving it as I wore it on my wedding day. If you can get hold of them (QVC or online at Sephora) then do because I,ve never had a blush that’s so velvety it seems to melt into your skin. If not my favourite budget Natural Collection blush in Rosey is great too but you need a light hand as it’s highly pigment for £1.99! I applied these both with my Ysl blush brush which is good to cut down on brushes needed. Next for brows was a bit of a mix as I’m trying out Loreal’s Brow Artist which (see instagram) has the weirdest mascara brush. However it’s the shade I feel is just too light. I was trying something since going blonde thinking it would suit better but it didn’t. I filled it in with Mac Brow in Lingering which I seem to always go back to. Next was my fave budget mascara Loreal Big Great Last in Blackest Black it have a flexible formula you can layer up on your lashes without it clumping. At last but not least I added a nice layer of the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Meli Melon.

What do you think of the new Lancome Juicy Shaker? 

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