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Johnson’s Luxe Feeling Makeup Remover Pads – Under £4

I love finding skincare products that are above & beyond what you expected of them. When they come from the drugstore it’s even better, like the Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel I’m still using now. I picked these Johnson’s make-up remover pads up during a dash round Superdrug. When I think of Johnson’s it’s either wipes or Baby Shampoo but it looks like they have more in store for us than that.

Johnson’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Some days I just don’t have the energy to take my make-up off in the way that’s best for my skin. Sometimes you get the first cleanse over with & the effort just isn’t there to do a second. When I bought these Johnson’s pads they were simply meant to make removing eye make-up quicker. Saying that it’s not like other eye make-up remover pads can’t but these aren’t like any of the others. When I saw the packaging on the shelf in store it looks massive compared with other brands who’s pots are real small or come in a wipes packet. It’s after you look inside that you can see the care that went into it. The screw on lid is secure & the pot has a seal on it to begin with which means the liquid that removes your make-up can’t leak or dry out over time. The pads inside are much bigger, thicker & are more like expensive cotton wool pads. When you touch them they feel soft & easily glide over your eyes taking the makeup off without irritating them. If you have sensitive eyes then these would be worth trying.

Luxe Feeling Makeup Remover Pads - Under £4 - johnsons - mi

Why Johnson’s Are Better

Once you get past the eye make-up removal which included waterproof mascara by the way (see photo) you see that there’s half of the pad still clean & the other side too. I used two so you could see the eye & face make-up but you could easily do your whole face with one because the pad seems to hold a lot of make-up remover without it dripping. This means for those lazy days when you want to be lazy you can do this as your first cleanse & then do a second much quicker. These would be great on holidays although the packaging is a rather big but you could always share them with a friend.

Just remember when you see these in the drugstore & see that Johnson’s logo it’s not for baby but it’s for you. Do you have any make-up remover you use for traveling with that you think’s better? Leave me a comment below if you do.

Johnson’s Gentle Eye Make-up Remover Pad’s 30 £3.29

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