Jessica – Which Famous One I’m Most Like?

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So this is a bit of a random one but whenever I hear somebody else called Jessica I have this immediate thought and compare them to myself . It’s not that I think I’m comparable in looks if so I’ve already failed there. It’s more a personality trait I think. If I hear somebody shout Jessica even though I don’t know the voice I will turn round. Not to see the person speaking but to who is the Jessica in question. I wonder if they will get the words “oh it’s a Jessica thing” said to them. If she will be as sarcastic, outspoken and as much trouble as I was or still am now.

Jessica – The Famous One’s

jessica murder she wrote

Named After A Jessica…

It all started when my mum named me Jessica as I wasn’t even meant to be one. Originally I was going to be Louise but my mum made a last-minute decision and went with Jessica. Why ? Well of course Jessica Fletcher! If your unfamiliar with the name she’s the character from Murder She Wrote. A female detective and criminologist who also wrote books aswell. I’m guessing that the 4 years previous to me being born she made an impression on my mum and with me growing up I think she did too. I loved to watch along as child and I’m guessing my love of detective and crime shows has something to do with it. I think I feel closest to this Jessica the most as it has shaped me in a way.

rogerrabbit jessica rabbit

Another Famous Jessica… Rabbit.

Definitely the most siren like Jessica she’s a cartoon character from the film Who Shot Roger Rabbit? Again I would only dream of having her curves and amazing head of hair but some of my past wardrobe choices were inspired by her. At the age of 18 my much less curvy self would wear a steel boned corset to create curves worthy of Jessica rabbit. Maybe even a love of a good red lipstick was born here which I’m still trying to pull off with no look. I will always be on search for that perfect shade. I long for a pair of ruby-red shoes to match Jessica Rabbits dress.

jessica ennis

A Jessica Closer To Home – Ennis

This is the one I’m furthest from being like. She is an Olympic athlete from my home town of Sheffield. A truly inspiration woman and who I will try to work towards being more like. Along with getting healthy, getting fit as part of that is something I’m interested in doing. She’s a runner and won a Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics for the heptathlon so I think I’ll start with walking and work my way up to that one. I’ll never have those abbs but she’s the most modern inspiration woman you could look up to.