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thehawkandbeard after beard was trimmed

Japonesque – The Alternative To Tweezing Your Fellas Brows

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If you’ve ever tweezed anybodys brows before then you know what fun it can be. It will be going well for a while then you accidentally pinch a bit of skin! Oops! You wince almost as much as they do, then you’ve got to remember not to laugh. A friend likely with shout some form of abuse at you while I find your fella, girlfriend, husband or wife will likely get some form of revenge on you in that very moment! I hate to be tickled or my feet touched so that’s what he will go for, you’ve just got to accept the consequences. Until you find Japonesque have the answer…

The Brow Story

So I’ve tweezd my fellas brows for most of the time we’ve been together, that’s almost 7 years. I love my Tweezerman tweezers & I’m pretty sure they blunt faster after doing his. I know you can send them off for sharpening but I never have I just use them till they die then get a new pair. If you do buy tweezers the Tweezerman ones are worth the extra cost. If you do get some get the travel ones, they’re just as easy to use at £12.50 instead of up to £21.50 for the full size. Back to business when you’re doing brows like the ones below it can take forever, what starts out as a bit of fun can hurt you arm after a while. If can be frustrating a slow, so most of the time I’d fix the mono brow & be done with it. Over the years I’ve slowly done the edges to separate his brow from his hair but it’s quite a delicate area to tweeze. I can’t remember the last time it hurt to tweeze my brows my sister used to love doing them so I got used to it. Can you remember? If so this method may work for you too. I know they say put Germoline on like an antiseptic to numb it but it just makes it harder to grab the hairs.

Bushy Brows Need Taming!


This is an old photo from a couple of months ago I just wanted to show you what I was contending with. This is as good as I can get with tweezers before he wants to exact revenge on me! Also if your fella or any fella you know has a beard then try this Lush product as since that post he’s repurchased a new pot, it’s a good sign.

Japonesque - The Alternative To Tweezing Your Fellas Brows - product packaged

The Difference Is Japonesque

The JAPONESQUE® is an innovative and essential tool for expertly groomed brows at home or on the go. The Razor Set features a precision razor and lash – brow comb all-in-one, perfect for grooming small fine hairs. The stainless-steel razor comfortably trims unwanted hair with amazing precision and includes a grooved safety cover that creatively doubles as a brow brush on one side and precision lash comb on the other. – Japonesque


For Him

I only bought this item because it was by Japonesque, it’s called The Defining Razor Set & the intention was to use it for myself. I’ve had them for a good few weeks & me being a little a little wary (or a wuss) of razors on my face I convinced my fella to be the guinea pig. They’re mini razors but nowhere near as sharp as they ones you’d use for your legs or fella for facial hair. To prove to him that we wouldn’t end up in A & E having to explain what I’d done to him I did use it on my arm. All you have to do is run it against the hair where you want to remove it in small strokes. You can angled it more to get into narrower parts & the handle really helps with that. I did between his brows & all the excess hairs he has above the brows. I didn’t want to go too close as I think when they are overly groomed it doesn’t look right on guys especially with his beard. I even did (very carefully) the hairs he gets at the bottom outer corner of his eyes that are part of his beard. It always bugs me so I gave him a bit of definition between brow & beard which looks better.

Japonesque - The Alternative To Tweezing Your Fellas Brows - razors

For Me

I think I could use them on me but I like to be very precise with my brows. I daren’t even go for threading because I like that they’re still full in shape. I pluck a few each week & with my Mac brows pencil I’m good to go. I’m also feel like doing it to myself with the Japonesque razors I could go horribly wrong & slip up. I don’t want to look like a teenage boy with the styled shaved pieces missing. If I do try them out I’ll let you know how it went though, maybe I’m wrong or just a scaredy cat!

The lowdown

If you find something that works stick with it & in this case I’ll be buying some more of them. I did get this pack from T.K.Maxx for £3.99 with three razors & a brow comb. You can buy the Japonesque set for £7.75 online at Beauty Bay but I think that set you only get two razors it’s called the Touch Up Razor Set. I imagine it being more expensive in the long run but the hassle saved from the pain & arguments they’re worth every penny.

Do you do your fellas or partners brows for them? Let me know below if it goes as well as my experience of it is. Do you have any tips or tricks for it being less painful…

Jess x