Invisibobble – Your Not The One For Me!

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When it comes to.sorting my hair out 5 out of 7 days it will be in a ponytail. I think I’ve used the same type of bobble for the last 5 maybe 10 years. Unless I want to get oil and grime on my hair it has to be up and out of the way. The hair bobble I trust are the Goody Ouchless that have no metal piece to get tangled in my hair. I’ve tried other brands and even the Remington elastics (pop bands) but even they stretched and became loose. It’s all too much faffing about when all I need is my hair pulled away from my face.

Invisibobble - dupesagirlsbf

Invisibobble – A Radical Design

  1. Traceless
  2. Avoids headaches
  3. No Split Ends
  4. Strong Grip
  5. All Hair Types

Invisibobble - dupesagirlsbf 2

Invisibobbles – What I’ve Found

The Invisibobble is a similar spiral as a house phone cord is but with no end to it. If you haven’t seen one as rare as they are the likely hood is your grandparents still use one. The Invisibobble grips through the hair holding it together.  I can’t wear it as is because it’s too loose for me even with how coarse and thick it is. Doubled up is tight enough but because its plastic it just slides out of my hair slowly. When it is doubled up and I try getting it out to reuse it , this isn’t always snag free either. Even with the one I chose in brown it’s not completely invisible as it suggests. I suppose you could wrap a length of hair round it to hide it but that defies the point of the name. The only two parts I can agree with is it doesn’t cause split ends or avoids headaches, that’s because it’s not tight enough to grip on your hair to cause breakage or cause headaches.

Put To Other Uses

For work this just isn’t good enough hold without me having to mess around with it every two minutes. I do think it has a place in my house and that is going to be the bathroom. If I want to have a bath and keep my hair dry then this would be alright for that. If I’d straightened my hair it wouldn’t end up with the tell tale kinks of a normal bobble for short term use. I think it would be great when I want to put a mask on and they can be left in the bathroom without them soaking up water and getting that damp smell to them.

It’s a nice try invisibobbles I love the concept and I’ll make use of you but you won’t be replacing my tried and trusted Goodys.