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How To Build A Girl – Caitlin Moran – Book Review

caitlin moran how to build a girl

If you need a pick me up from a bad day then this is the book you need. I feel like How To Build A Girl speaks to every woman in one way or another. For me when I read this it’s partly biographical having read How To Be A Woman there are pieces that match up.

Then again when you write a book you use your own experiences to then create new things. It just happens that having read the factual side first which doesn’t ruin the book if anything it’s even more interesting.

If you stop reading now READ THIS BOOK !

How To Build A Girl


I’m going to give you the bare outline because I love books too much to ruin it for you. Johanna is a girl living in Wolverhampton, England with her family. Her dad is on benefits, her mum has just had twins making the Morrigan family begin to burst at the seams! Life is as it is for most girls at 14, embarrassing stories, reinventing your self & trying almost anything to succeed at something. I had at least a few moments of laughing out loud only to realise I have done similar things in the past & after reading this knowing its ok. I’m 27 and still have cringe worthy moments when I look back on life a whole decade ago & think did I really do that! There are sex stories in it but we’re not talking 50 shades of grey this is more exploring youth & learning about one’s self as much as the boys she meets. In changing herself with books, music & poster on her walls, did this create the girl she wanted to be…

I suggest you go find out for yourselves!

Age Range (Only A Suggestion)

If I was to recommend a reading age for this book I’d say at least 14 maybe 16 if you buy if for someone younger than you then read it first. You will likely enjoy it & you can decide whether said girl will suit it too. Other than that any age upwards & I’ve already got my guy to agree to reading it because guys needs to understand what being a girl is like as much as girls do!

How To Build a girl is available in all formats, I’m a kindle fan as I’m never left without a book to read but however you do it, just read it!

Kindle £14.99 – Offer £9.40

Hardback £10.49

Paperback £6.39 – 9th April 2015

I’d love to hear from you what books your enjoying at the moment. I seem to have gotten through most of the popular girl books recently. This includes Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, #girlboss, this one & I’m just about to start a few of the Kelly Cutrone books. Always need more books!

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