Hair Styles & Shades – Which To Go For?

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I’m booked into to get my hair cut this weekend and like always I have no idea what I want to do with it. It’s taken a long time for me to trust a hairdresser long enough to go back to the same one again. I was happy last time as what I asked for I actually got which always seems an impossible task. How many times I’ve heard the stories that start with I only wanted an inch off the ends that end up being 3 or 4 inch instead. Hair styles have been a nice idea but never really clicked with me until now. It’s either been left natural in its wold curly wavy state or straightened . After this hair cut I’m also looking at having it coloured professionally but that will depend on my budget. With that in mind I give you some very similar styles but some possible shades. I want to keep a similar length but I think I’m finally ready to go the wavy route and take good care of it.

Hair Styles – Maybe Shades

blonde Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

I’ve threatened to go blonde so many times to my fella it’s ridiculous because I don’t think the lighter shades suit me, especially bombshell blonde. However I do dream of the days of having crazy colours in my hair.

brunette curls Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

This brunette is a contender, it’s almost what I have now but without the crazy roots I have right now. However not sure on the fringe, it’s too much hassle especially for work I’d have to pin it back all the time.

Hair Styles – Celebrities

Kat Von D Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

When I saw the random celebrity styles I had to try out a bit of Kat Von D. Love the red but I think it’s too much upkeep. She’s the only one that can get away with the black roots showing.

Kate Beckinsale Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

Well who wouldn’t want Kate Beckinsale’s hair, well it suits her but I still feel like this is still on the light side. This has a much looser wave to it more care free in style and prefer the lack of fringe.

Kim Kardashian Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

Kim Kardashian, famous for the ultimate contour, that ass and of course the amazing hair. I envy her hair it’s just perfect, she somehow manages to pull it off with it tied up too. Gorgeous!

Sandra Bullock Hair Styles & Shades - Which To Go For?

This is a slightly lighter brunette shade with Sandra Bullock-esque fringe and straight looks. Basically me with a fringe and some choppy ends. I think I’m moving away from the straight so I’ll try to avoid going this way as I need a change.

I’d love to know what you all think though. I don’t get my hair cut or coloured all that often so I ‘m walking into new territory and I feel blind folded right now! All thoughts welcome. To try new hair styles out yourself go to Taaz , you can even try on makeup as well.