Glycolic Peel Mask- Purse Friendly Way To Smoother Skin

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I love using face masks at least when I remember to use them that is. It’s one of the reasons I love the Superdrug Overnight Glycolic Peel Mask as I could slap it on after I cleansed & forget about it until morning. I thought this new one would be more hassle than it’s worth but it’s only as much fuss as any peel mask is. I think that if you put a little extra effort into your routine it’s worth it. It’s what I’m working on without crying into the bottom of an empty purse at the same time! I like that more budget friendly brands are improving all the time & trying to innovate beyond cleanse & moisturise.

Clearly Youthful Retexturising Glycolic Peel Mask

The first thing I will say about this one over the Superdrug is the information on the tube is a thousand times better than the Superdrug Radiance range. I really hate when the information is only on the box, who really keeps them? The the information is fuzzy at best, however this is clear & precise which when it comes to anything acid based is important for all skin care lovers.


Directions For Use – What It Says & What It Means To Me

1) Apply a thin layer to cleansed , dry skin ensuring to cover the whole area of your face avoiding  the delicate eye area .

This is pretty much what I did but as with all peel masks avoid getting it in your hair. Either a bobble, head band or simply water to get it out of your way. Peel mask stuck in hair is not pretty or fun! Also don’t be daft & wipe the excess off on your Pj’s while being lazy as it’s basically acts like glue! I also avoid eye brows & try not to go too far under my chin because it’s clear it’s harder to see if you’ve left any on your face. This has quite a tingle after about a minute of wearing it but after about 5 it tapers off, it tingled most on my nose & chin.

Glycolic Peel Mask- Purse Friendly Way To Smoother Skin - applied

2)Leave for 10-15 minutes or completely dry and non-tacky to the touch.

By 10-15 minutes they should just say give it 20 so it’s dry because that’s roughly how long it takes. Maybe 4 or 5 blog posts or a few YouTube videos. Watch Sali Hughes on Pixiwoo while you wait.

3) Gently Peel off the mask and remove any excess clean warm water.

This does peel off better than most masks but it’s not perfect, however even though it’s clear you can see any shiny bits that you’ve missed. I find is best to do a quick cleanse with a warm flannel because it gives a little scrub to pull off any last bits left on.

Glycolic Peel Mask- Purse Friendly Way To Smoother Skin - dry peel

Glycolic Peel Results

The results with this mask are instantly noticeable I can feel straight away that my skin is smoother. It’s great if you’re looking for that instant gratification in a skin care product this delivers. As part of step three it suggests to use it no more than twice weekly  & not on successive days . With this in mind I’m trying to get into a routine with this by using it Thursdays & Sundays which I’ve even added to my Google Calendar to remind me. Not always succesful but with constant reminders set I’m getting better with it. I do think after more than 4 weeks use I’m getting less of than tingle factor & my skin might be getting used to it. With that I will be using it once a week with the other day being the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel something I raved about & still enjoy as it’s easier to mix into my routine on lazy days.

If you try this one patch test it if you have sensitive skin , if it’s too much try the overnight peel. Maybe even using it for a few hours after work & removing it before bed time it may still give the desired results. For me this is a great alternative to the expensive brands out there at least until I win the lottery or something! Do you have any great glycolic peels you think I should try out, please let me know below.

Jess x