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Glycolic Overnight Peel That’s Budget Friendly

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I wasn’t sure what to post with it being January 1st but I decided a good place is to start as you mean to go on. For me that’s means getting a good skin care routine together that will make a difference. For most of last year I’ve heard about glycolic acid & the good it can do but often they’re so expensive. I’m talking about you Ren Glycolactic Radiance Mask, I just can’t spend £30 for 30ml even if everybody else swears by you.

Disclaimer – All I have written here is my personal account of how I’ve used this product. I’m not a skin care specialist but using any skin care with acids in you should always follow with an SPF product. If your unsure do a patch test or speak with a skin care consultant first.

Glycolic Acid

It’s origins are in sugar cane but is often produced synthetically. It’s one of the most common of the AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) we use. So why are we putting glycolic acid on our face? To chemically exfoliate as opposed to using face scrubs which can be much harsher on the surface of our skin. They remove the top dead skin cells revealing the new ones beneath. This can help get a smoother skin surface, lighten sun spots & can help those with blemish prone skin.

Glycolic Overnight Peel That's Budget Friendly - pin

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Overnight Glycolic Peel

Now to give a clear view I’ve had this for two months & for about 3 weeks I was too scared to even use it. Sounds ridiculous right! I was expecting to apply it & wake up with a bright red face resembling a tomato. This was after using the Superdrug Superberry mask which didn’t go so well (see link for post). I tried the Radiance Renewal Face Mask which you leave on for 10 minutes. I had no issue with it other than it didn’t really do anything for me that I could see or feel. One of the things that occurred to me was because it was such a budget friendly product it was unlikely to have high concentrations of glycolic acid anyway. This sounds like a bad thing but it just means us sensitive souls are less likely to have a bad reaction.

Glycolic Overnight Peel That's Budget Friendly - liquid


I decided to do it on a weekend just in case it did go wrong but in hindsight I shouldn’t have worried. I cleansed as normal & other than the mask I still applied an eye cream as the mask wouldn’t be going near there anyway. As you can see in the photo above the glycolic mask looks like a clear gel like liquid. I applied it to my forehead first and spread the mask as far out as it would go. It says to use a pea sized amount for the face but it just isn’t enough. I used small amounts at a time as it’s runny & work it down my face. It dries within a minute then you can’t really feel it on the skin other than see a slight shine. If you use it on you neck which I do, I find it can feel slightly tacky but that’s because you move your neck so much you notice it more.

I use this once a week, overnight & it hasn’t got in the way of sleeping. I simply remove it the next morning with a cream cleanser & use a warm damp flannel to make sure it’s all off. Because it’s taking the dead skin cells away you must always follow this with an SPF either in your moisturiser or sunblock as the new skin underneath is more prone to sun damage.

After Effects

This isn’t going to be an instant transformation you see in the mirror the morning after. With one application what I noticed was my skin felt much smoother. It made a big difference to applying make-up as it just had a better base to go on to. This won’t magically remove pores I don’t expect miracles! I have had hormonal spots & I feel like this has helped to clear any left over flaking skin. I wouldn’t say the soft feeling lasted all the way to the next weeks application but more so over multiple applications over weeks. This is worth a try even if only you can can feel the difference it makes.

I’ve found the Superdrug skin care ranges to be over looked too often. My favourites include the Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Hydrating Face Mask & the Simply Pure moisturisers.

The Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel Mask is 30ml for £5.99.

It’s on offer at half price right now but there’s rarely a time when the range isn’t, sometime 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price, always a bargain to be had.

What’s you best budget skincare?