Ghds & How To Get Those Curls

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In recent months I’ve been on a mission to learn how to curl my hair with my Ghd hair straighteners. Over the last decade I’ve only had two Ghd straighteners. I had the wide plate version which I loved when my hair was extremely long. Sadly somebody stole them so I replaced them with the standard size instead. These are the Mk4 version and lend well to create straight & curly styled hair. Above is how my hair started off, its day old hair so has a little more texture which I find works better. If it looks a little greasy I go in at the root with the Blow Pro Faux Dry Shampoo that works perfectly without giving much whiteness to the hair. I tried watching multiple Youtube tutorials but even then it didn’t make sense. When I finally got it the first time I did the entire left hand side only to find that I couldn’t work out how to reverse the technique on the other side. I was so annoyed my brain couldn’t work it out but this was is so much simpler and should make it easier for you too.

Products I Used Along With My Ghds

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The Toni & Guy bottle is a travel Prep Protecting mist to stop your hair getting fried by the heat from the Ghds. Every section of my hair for each curl I used a single spray on to my hand which I then ran through that section. This stops you getting a concentrated wet patch on your hair with a direct spray. My only bug with this is the bottle is opaque so I can’t see if I’m running out. The hair spray is a recent purchase when I notice my curls didn’t have the lasting power that I wanted. The Urban Fudge line just has the nicest scents. This is the iced raspberry & vanilla one, you still get a little of the chemical bit but that disappears leaving the nice scent behind. After each curl I gave a light spray of this as I didn’t want my hair to feel crunchy. I did like that later on it the day I can still brush though my hair and it didn’t feel dirty or greasy.

The Method In The Madness

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First thing is to decide where you’d like your parting, I did my left side first and tied the right with a bobble to keep it separate. I then started from the bottom took about an inch across section down then twist the rest up. I twist it away from my face as I find that it holds in place with just one sectioning clip. With the section that’s down I brush through it & apply the heat defence mist.

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When you first try these next few steps do it with the straighteners off so you can get used to how you move your hands.I take my Ghds and clamp the hair between it at the top as close to your head as is comfortable.

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Next turn the Ghds in your hand or hands away from your face so the end of your hair is towards your neck. I prefer this method as you don’t have to touch the tip of the Ghds to have control. The first few attempts doing other tutorials I burnt my finger tips trying to hold the hot end. The further the tip is away from your head so more diagonal the more the curl will sit away from your head. If you have it vertical it will lay flatter, either works it just gives a slightly different curl.

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The reason I suggested earlier to do a cold run is when you twist it back you then have to pull the Ghds down the length of the hair. Try to move the Ghds slowly at an even speed so enough heat gets to the hair. The smoother this motion the less you get a kink at the top. This comes with practise, but you don’t have to worry too much on the underneath with this as you can’t see it. When you get half way up it’s more noticeable on the pieces that are straight to begin with.

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When you get to the end of the hair carry on pulling until you’ve release the hair. Sometime it looks like it hasn’t curled it, all you do it tease the hair back away from the front of your face. It will look like this one does above.

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I next take another section just like I’m holding it there & with the other hand put a sectioning clip in it with the rest clipped on top again as before. I take the section I’m doing take the clip off and from the front part another inch piece. I then clip the hair I’m not working with to get it out-of-the-way. Depending on how thick the hair is you get around 3 curls per layer. I use the hair spray each time on every layer but just lightly.


When I get to the top of my ear I change the method slightly to get a natural curl and not ringlets at the root. You do this by taking the straighteners down the first part of you hair straight then at about ear length you twist them away from you and carry on pulling then down your hair as with the other curls.

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When it comes to the second side you hold your Ghds exactly the same way by curling them away from the face. It feels odd to begin with as you spend so long doing it the other direction but it does work. I also naturally push this side behind my ear when I style it. When using the Ghds on each curl on this side I push it behind my ear so as it cools it sits in place more naturally. It means less messing about with my hair when I’m out and about.

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As you can see I still get a bit of a kink when I haven’t turned the Ghds fast enough but I’ve vastly improved in a just a few months. It’s a bit of trial and error getting the style exactly how you want it. The sections at the front are the most important as it’s all about how you want to frame the face.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Or if you have a better way or a technique for waves I love to work that one out. 

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