Nyc All Day Foundation

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NYC All Day Foundation in Classic Ivory

Foundations really are the key to getting the rest of your make up just right, it really does set the tone and feel for how you want to look and feel. Right now I’m on the hunt for a much more affordable foundation than my Mac Matchmaster which I have come to enjoy as it is a good shade match for my skin. When I saw NYC All Day Foundation on offer at half price at just £1.99 .I decided it was worth a try. To say it’s cheap I think the packaging it quite good it feels  quite solid and even has a pump unlike more expensive foundations. From what I’ve read on their website it sounds like it performs miracles too:


Blurs fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles into dreamy nothingness.Controls shine and stays put: even when the heat is on.Smudge and rub proof means no annoying marks on your new Marc tee!Feels bouncy and comfortable on your skin…all day, everyday.Soft and fresh, matte but not mask like.

To me this is ever so slightly far-fetched but a few bits do ring true. When I tried this out for the first time it is one of those foundations that almost melt into the skin which if you try it be careful not to over apply thinking you missed a patch and then wonder why it’s gone cakey. This is a light to medium coverage and it is matte and it does feel nice on the skin.

Nyc All Day But Maybe Another Day

As for All Day coverage I wouldn’t actually know as I had to remove it as I couldn’t leave the house the way it was and feel happy with how it looked. I had applied my foundation then gone to sort something out and when I came back to do the rest it had oxidised like a bad fake tan. On me a few shades out looks so wrong as I’m pale to begin with and rarely tan. The thing that bugs me most is when I swatched it my first though was it’s a little pale but I can work with it.

How do brands expect us to choose the right shade at the best of times when it’s completely different once it’s dried. I’ve never waited around long enough to wait for them to dry I don’t have the patience. Classic Ivory is the lightest shade so I’ve no chance with the others but I do intend to keep hold of this and give it a go come summer time to see if it will work then and I can give it a proper review.

NYC All Day Foundation in Classic Ivory Swatched