Foam Hair Dye by John Freida – Deep Cherry Brown

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This is what happens when I get bored and need a change. I rarely can afford or wish to spend the money on paying somebody else to do this for me. This means it’s been a long line of dye mishaps including how I ended up going black last year when I wrote Dying My Hair To Death. At that point I knew my hair needed a break otherwise it would likely have all broken off which in my days of bleaching and dying actually happened. I lost half the length of my hair which was even longer back then. Not that I learned but I did give into lots of hair masks, a lot less heat damage and almost completely forgetting about my hair dryer. I still have gone back to the same method off colouring my hair and that’s the foam mousse version.

John Freida Precision Foam Colour - before

This is the best photo I could find that shows how half and half my hair had become when it comes to colour. The bottom half was dyed around 9 months ago with the same brand dye I used this time but was in black. In that time it’s faded to a very dark brown with the top half a mushy mousey light brown with blonde streaks cause by sun light along my fringe.

Foam Dye Fun – Which To Pick and Why?

As you can see my hair is stupidly long so I always need two boxes worth whichever brand I use. The thing is with the John Freida foam its way easier than every other brand I ever used. I tried the foam Shake It Up pots from Schwarzkopf the Live XXL on my partner and it was a disaster, there’s a reason the drug stores don’t see them anymore. The only other one that did interest me were the new Loreal Preference Mousse which mix as you use it so if you have any left you can do touch ups. Only issue I can see is the bottles opaque so do you really want to start doing a touch up and run out half way through? Other than that I’d use it all anyway as I always do.

The real thing is the mousse is so simple and makes missing patches almost impossible and way quicker when your on the clock and don’t wish to wreck your hair.

John Freida Precision Foam Colour - Deep Cherry Brown - Items

John Freida Precision Foam Colour


It’s as straight forward as any other dye just a different technique. The gloves provided are a little tight on my quite big hands but they fit and they aren’t the cheap giant ones that are useless. These don’t break and can be washed and left on while your waiting for it to work so you can itch if you need to.

Firstly I pour in the colour into the developer bottle. Don’t shake the crap out of it though just screw the lid on and turn it in a circle motion upside down and back round, repeat 5 times. It will mix but still fills less than a third of the bottle. Next swap the lid for the pump like piece. Don’t pump just squeeze the bottle and the foam comes out as fast or as slow as you need it to and the amount you want so you have control. After this it’s up to you how you apply it. I get my guy to do mine in swap of doing his afterwards but I have done mine before I just tend to make more mess. Leave for 20-30 minutes then wash it out, always use the conditioner as it’s beautiful and makes your hair super soft. You can buy it on its own for after care and it’s worth it.

John Freida Precision Foam Hair Colour - Deep Chery Brown - Once Dried

After The Foam – Naturally Dried

Forgive the lack of make up but I will be showing what I used tomorrow. My hair feels really nice and a serious lack of frizz which I’m loving but less wavy too. As I expected the top half has gone the deep cherry brown which then fades into a deep brown on the bottom half. If you have completely undyed hair I would expect it all to go the way the top half has. Besides the obvious it’s all evenly dyed with no missed patches. It does dye you face but over night almost all of it has gone except the back of my neck. I know it’s summer and everyone and their gran is going blonde for summer but it’s just not me. I remember going all the shades of the rainbow and it’s a lot of up keep that I can’t be bothered with.

John Freida Precision Hair Dye was bought in store at Boots for £9.99 – It’s 3 for 2 on hair care, colourants and accessories at the moment. The Intense After Colour Conditioner is £4.99 per 150 ml.