Flake Away – Soap and Glory Scrub

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This is one of my favourite and I had lost this pot last Spring and only found it after I ran out of the Boots Cocoa Butter Scrub and had a good search round and I’m glad I found it. This is a great winter scrub as it’s much more hardcore for the dry weather and helps bring back some resemblance of smoothness to my legs. I like that it’s thick enough to scoop out what I need and place a bit on my arms and legs and even in the shower will stick around till I get round to scrubbing it in.soap and glory flake away body scrub collage


It has sweet almond oil and shea butter in it but it doesn’t leave a residue feeling after its washed away. The bit that does the scrubbing is sea salt and sugar which for some could be too abrasive but I have a lot of dry skin so it works perfectly for me. It also smells lovely like most Soap and Glory products do but it’s not as strong in scent as the Righteous Body Butter even though it’s the same Original Pink fragrance.

soap and glory flake away body scrub

This scrub is 300 ml for £7.50 which I feel like is reasonable price and would repurchase again when I eventually run out of random others I’ve bought. I’m really trying hard to use up lots of products so there’s room for new ones. This seems to last a long time when I do get into the swing of repeated use.This seems to only need a small amount in comparison to others where it will spread out but doesn’t disappear so you can work the product for as long as you like. This also helps make shaving afterwards work so much better and get my legs extra smooth.