The Fix For Mac Matte Lipsticks – A Diva In Autumn

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When I buy make-up especially the more expensive brands like Mac if if doesn’t work I tend to avoid it. I feel guilty that I spent money on something that is now going to waste. After the first few attempts at wearing Mac Diva ended in dry cracked lips it got pushed away in favour of other lipsticks. In my obsession to have a burgundy lip colour that truely lasted all day & searched for a magic fix.

Originally I only lasted about 3 hours before I had to wipe it off & get the my lip balm out. I’ve always wanted to get Ruby Woo but didn’t because of this issue, until now..

Mac matte in Diva

The Fix For Mac Matte Lipsticks


Fast Forward To This Autumn

Why I didn’t think of doing this long ago but I’m getting into the Autumn shades & longing to make use of my Mac lipstick in Diva. I’ve completely changed my outlook on makeup & begun to experiment with colour, especially lipsticks. So gone are the days of dry cracked lips & hello gorgeous mattes. This won’t fix them all day but will keep you from feeling like you’ve sucked the life out of your lips. So I went through the small task of my lip prep which I posted on a while back.

The Fix For Mac Matte Lipsticks - products


The difference now than what it was back then is I follow-up with Clinique All About Lips.I’ve had this for about 4 months now & it’s become a staple product. This stuff is wonderful and makes application even easier. If you’re wanting straight up matte lips then give the All About Lips time to settle in. If you have your hair to do apply it , do your hair then do the rest of your makeup. If you find it hard to apply mattes because it drags on your lips then apply your lipstick straight after. It gives a smooth slightly wet surface to work with making the process easier. Your matte lipstick will look satin in finish to begin with but this also gives you time to get used to it as it dries down to a matte finish.

Yes this is a whopping £19 for 12 ml but I’ve used this most weekends when I wear lipstick. It’s at least half full still so personally I think it’s a fair price to make my face feel more comfortable.

Now all I have to worry about is what shade to wear next…

What are your favourite Mac matte shades, let me know in the comment below?