February Haul

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At some point I’m hoping soon I’ll learn to be less spendy but for now I may as well show you all the prettier side of the hole in my wallet where money used to live! I feel like I did well to curb the make-up buying in Mac with just a few key purchases. One of which was due to finally replacing something I lost months ago & have needed back in my life ever since! However I feel I balanced this out with some Primarni & Amazon shopping.

February Haul 2016 - mi2

Februarys Haul 


I’ll start where I did because I’m always on the look out for something to make the monotonous task of cleaning brushes quicker. I still clean mine with the Dr Bronners Almond Soap when I remember too which isn’t often enough. It works but I’m hoping these B. products should help in between the deeper cleansing. There’s a spray version & the more interesting to me the cleansing wipes as I’ve never seen this product in that form.

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser Spray £4.99

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser Wipes (25) £3.99


A while ago in the lanes of Meadowhall there was a candle shop which wasn’t there for very long. The one time I did pop in I smelt this wax melt & ever since have been in search of it. I recently did a quick Amazon search & managed to find the Kringle Baked Bread that I’d been wanting. I can’t imagine this will curb my appetite for bread but maybe I’ll get sick of the smell & not eat it. Who am I kidding? Either way this smells freaking amazing.

Kringle Wax Melt in Baked Bread £2.39 + 99p p+p


I’ve often go in Mac but usually find myself a little underwhelmed by it lately. It’s always too busy when I go in that if I did want help I’d be waiting around forever. However I knew I needed to replace my Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus as I lost it the day before I got married which was 3 months ago. I hadn’t found anything since that I fancied enough to replace it as most were more expensive or didn’t have a shade my pale skin would suit. However I did get this in Nw15 as opposed to Nw10 which I had before. I think it was a tad pale even for me so I’m hoping this works better with the Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation in the shade Nw13.

My other little purchase was the Viva Glam Ariana Grand Matte Lipstick in the oh so me dark plum shade. I feel like plum is my signature shade it’s what I’m always drawn to all year round. It does help that the earnings go to the Mac Aids Foundation so I feel a little less bad about this but it had to be done.

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus in NW15 15g £22

Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grand Matte Lipstick £15.50


Last but not least is the dash into Primark followed by the worlds longest cues I’ve ever seen. This is what happens every time but I always make a b line for the Pajamas always at the very back of the store! I picked up the Coca Cola top which was £8 & completly necessary to the vast collection of Coca Cola pieces I own. Not in the photo there was also the Minion free Minions PJs that have It’s So Fluffy on the 3/4 sleeve top £6 & bottoms £8. I just can’t help buy PJs like this when they’re so soft, comfy to wear & fit my size 20 bum perfectly. The only think that annoys me about Primark & their PJs is you have to feel the inside of them to find out if they’re super soft because half the time they feel rough & cheap. If they can make some nice they can make all of them that way.

Now I’ve shared, let me know what you’ve all been buying?