Faux Dry Shampoo By BlowPro UK Launch

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blowpro faux dry shampoo bottle

Firstly I just need to say this isn’t sponsored in any way but is completely and utterly Chelsea Wears fault from Youtube. She posted a video called Damaged Blonde Hair Products. In this she talks about the BlowPro and their Faux Dry Shampoo. If you haven’t already seen her on Youtube then I’m recommending you do she is American but talks about many different things including what the Brits can get. Now when I first watched this few weeks ago I added the Faux dry shampoo to my Pintrest Never Ending Wish List via Amazon which there it’s £14. To me a little crazy but still cheaper than the Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder which i think is similar (haven’t tried it as it’s £21.50). At this point it would have been a future splurge until I randomly came across it online in a very well know drugstore. I went in store in the hopes it was on the shelves…

Blowpro in Superdrug - mi

Not only is this exclusively in Superdrug but they are all on at better than 1/2 price. Along with the Faux dry shampoo I also picked up You Only Smoother Advance Smoothing Spray and the Damage Control Repairing Conditioning Mask. All at full price are £9.99 but I’m guessing as it’s a new launch they are £4.90.

BlowPro started in 2005 in the meatpacking disctric in Manhatten and became famous for their signature blowout services. In 2010 they launches their product line to help women create there own at home equivelent.

Our philosophy stems from the belief that every woman not only looks, but also feels better with a great blowout. – BlowPro

Back To The Faux Dry Shampoo

To begin with this is a super fine powder and from what I’ve seen of the Bumble and Bumble the fine miller powder has a similar texture. You get 1.7 oz or 48 grams which seems little untill you realise how little you need.

blow pro faux shampoo out of the bottle

I’ve added the photo of the instructions below as it’s kinda hard to explain but this process involved turning the cap to show or cover the nozzle so you don’t waste any. You then aim the nozzle into sections of your roots and squeeze the body of the bottle.

blowpro faux dry shampoo how to 2

This then creates a fine directed mist of powder which you can control how much comes out at a time. Now I can’t say better or worse than Bumble and Bumble but I can say that this bottle in its simplicity of use is pretty ingenious. It means you don’t waste it and you’re not trying to direct powder to aim in tiny spots onto to your hair but cover each layer very quickly. It is a white powder but from what I can tell it hasn’t left any white cast where I used it and on brown hair you can tell if it’s not been rubbed in.

I can also say I can get third day hair out of this without it looking greasy in the slightest. Batiste gives you one day but by the end of that day I have to wash it out. This you can’t even tell it’s been in.

Blowpro faux dry shampoo in action

Holy grail? Lets find out…