Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Freebie – Fotd – Review

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Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner  Navy - fotd 4

 Why I Had To Give Eyeko A Go

This isn’t the first time I’d tried the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner as magazine freebie but when I did have it I was so adamant I would mess it up that I never tried it. When I did come round to the idea I must have not put the lid on right as it had all dried up. It’s great when you get free beauty items in magazines but if you don’t use them or give them a chance then it defied the point of having them. When I saw this one in Glamour magazine which is still available by the way I knew I have to give it a go. After seeing Alexa Chung use it on herself on Lisa Eldridges Youtube channel I had to give it a better go. I even felt a bit daring and specifically looked for the navy shade but there is black too. The rest of the look was kept pretty simple to let the eyeliner do the talking.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner  Navy - fotd - eyes

Did Eyeko Eyeliner Impress?

I’m by no means a pro at eyeliner and it’s all a bit of trial and error. This I managed to do in just a few minutes tho and I was more than happy to wear it out. The navy adds a small amount of colour making it less harsh than black does sometimes. It’s in a way less in your face while still adding definition and shape to the eye. The key part really is the skinny fine tip it has that tapers out allowing super fine inner eye tapering to as bold as you fancy lashes. I wouldn’t say this is completely smudge proof as it claims but if you simply run you finger over it then it won’t move. You’d have to be rubbing tired eyes at the end of the day to cause a lighter blue smudge. Along with the smudge proof there is the real need for a good oil based cleanser like the Loreal one I use or a waterproof makeup remover and you do even then still get a little bit of staining. This can be covered by next days makeup or just a little concealer.

At £2 for Glamour magazine this £12 this Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner is a complete bargain and I’m been compelled to try the Eyeko Eye Do range from Alexa.