Excess Shimmer from Max Factor – Tips & Tricks

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Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - finished look

When I bought the Excess Shimmer pot in Boots a few weeks back it was something I really fancied. I love the dinky little pot, it looks & feels more expensive than it is, it has a nice weight to it. That being said this was even after seeing a few posts & videos where people had such trouble with getting it everywhere. Me being me it’s hard to pass up anything bronze it’s my go to eyeshadow shade. That and luxe sparkle seems to be everywhere this festive season. I’m so in love with the Givenchy Folie De Noir palette a set of 9 black based glitter shadows in jewel shades but at £40.50 it’s unlikely to be mine (cue tears). What got me interested in the Excess Shimmer pot was the texture, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or tried before. It’s a cream shadow but not as hard as Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo & not as soft as a mousse.

This is me showing how I made it work & it’s not that complicated but you could be put off before you give it a chance. When swatched for the first time you will likely stick your finger in the pot getting it under your nail then swatch it on the back of your hand. You get too much product on there so you will be left with a glittery hand for the rest of the day, believe me I know! Just forgive it & keep reading. I tried swatching the rest of the New Look Pure Color range yesterday & every other shadow other than Chestnut Brown that I have are too glittery, even the blushes seem to twinkle!

  • High pigment formula for depth of colour
  • Rich shade collection for a luxe look
  • Lasts for up to 12 hours – Max Factor

Excess Shimmer Not Excess Mess 

The Products – Eyes & Lips

Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - eyes and lip products

  • Benefit Lemonaid £16.50 (review)
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Effect In Creamy Beige £4.99 (review)
  • Makeup Revolution eyeshadow single in Touch Me £1
  • Mac Blending Brush 217 £19
  • Max Factor Excess Shimmer In Bronze £7.99
  • Eco Tools Angled Eyeliner Brush (from a set)
  • Ysl Eye Shader Brush £32
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Pencil In Nude £3.99
  • Maybelline Big Great Lash In Blackest Black £4.99
  • Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine £18 (review)

Make It Easy Make Excess Shimmer Last

Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - benefit lemonaid

First thing was I wanted to give it all a good base to stick to, my shadow sometimes disappears in the crease. For this I use Benefit’s Lemonaid, which also corrects any redness, great for hiding veins or simply too many late nights. I pat this on with a finger as opposed to trying to blend just makes it go streaky as it’s quite a dry cream.

Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - color tattoo beige

I wanted to take the colour higher above the crease but didn’t want it to be all excess shimmer. I went in with the Maybelline Color Tattoo with is a neutral beige, I explain how to best do this on my post about it here.  I next used the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow almost as a highlight under the brow but so natural you can’t really tell it’s there. This was to give a little more definition between the brow and the shadow, it’s great if you’ve gone a little too far with the cream shadow as you can even it out with this.

Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - collage blended

  • Don’t be fooled by the tiny pot as a little goes a long way with Excess Shimmer, as I had a bit of a daft moment in store I took a sec to think how best to go with. Something that is obvious is that fingers don’t work it’s too messy and you waste it. I got mine out using an angled eyeliner brush. I barely touched the top of it & then applied it to the back of my hand. This was so I could judge how far a little would go so I didn’t put too much on my eyelid.
  • Next I used this same brush to apply it just on the lid below the crease you can see this on the left above. I then used a blending brush to blend it out into the crease if my eye lid. This is a back and forth as it does set but it makes no mess and you can make it as shimmery as you want it to be
  • On the photo above to the right I experimented in using it as eyeliner. I first made lines with the angled brush on the back of my hand to get a smooth line with the right amount of product.I also took this under the eye from the outside to the middle. If you wanted you could use this as a cream eyeliner on it’s on or with other eyeshadow.

Excess Shimmer from Max Factor - Tips & Tricks - collage

  • When I did this as eyeliner it looked a little overdone so I used the Ysl shader brush to smudge it out for a little smokey effect.
  • I also applied more to the outside third of the lid and went back in with my blending brush across the crease to add more depth.

The Finishing Touches

  • I didn’t apply liner to the upper inner eye as I still wanted them to look big. Instead I just used a nude eyeliner in my water line to get rid of any redness & open up my eyes.
  • Then I finished my eye lashes with Great Lash Mascara to add even more drama.
  • As the eyes were the focal point a nude pink in the form Sex Machine ( Nars and their crazy choice of names!) finished this look off.

Final Thoughts

Ok so a long post, hope I didn’t ramble too much but I do really like this product. I think it works very much like a more expensive product and looks the part too. I wouldn’t say that every colour looks good because I swatched them all . I’m interest in trying the Onyx shade and maybe copper but I’ve heard it’s more taupe, I have another swatch to see. As for the bronze it has a lot of depth in shade built from very light to very dark, a good day to-night product. I’d say it lasted at least 8 hours while I was out but I take my make-up off when I get in so I can’t say about the 12 hours. To me the cream base looks a little purple but a dirty shade in a good way. The bronze is in the shimmer which catches the light perfectly, not chunky in any way either.

What’s your go to Christmas eyeshadow that sparkles for you?