Evening Autumn Skin Care Switcheroo – What Will You Be Changing?

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Evening Autumn Skin Care Switcheroo - mi

I’m slowing getting more comfortable with a more complex routine again. I’m not quite fully there but by winter I’ll probably be yearning to finally add a serum into the mix.I’ve got blemish prone skin that leans on the dry side more than often especially as it gets colder. I’ve managed to bring in some more mid range items without spending the cash to do so. T.K.Maxx has got some amazing bargains with skin care as little as a 1/3 of the RRP.

Evening Skin Care

Evening Autumn Skin Care Switcheroo - cleansers

Cleanser Trio

A few cleansers are in rotation at night for different uses, depending on what follows. First is the Murad Aha/Bha Exfoliating Cleanser. This has jojoba beads that give manual exfoliation while multiple acids get to work. I picked this up for £12.99 (originally it’s £35). I only use about a 10p size amount as that’s all you need. I wet my face to give it enough slip on the skin to give it a decent scrub. This could be too much for sensitive skin as it feels a little scratchy but much less abrasive than most manual scrubs.

If I’m going to have a bath I use the Superdrug Brightening Balm cleanser. This is great for calming everything down at the end of a hard day. I apply it to dry skin taking my time to massage it in. The brightening side is lost on me obviously using it at night defies that point. This is just an affordable cleanse that I like to use before I apply a face mask and attempt to relax.

Occasionally if my skin is playing up or I just want a sensitive cleanser I go for the Perricone M.D Gentle cleanser. I won’t go into detail as I recently reviewed it on its own here.

Evening Autumn Skin Care Switcheroo - toner and spot treatment


This will become a twosome soon as I have my eye on an affordable hydrating toner. For now I’ve got a Christian Bretton (éclat – Jeunesse) Aha Toner that’s alcohol free. This is a recent addition so I can’t say too much yet. It does feel comfortable which I always though all acid toner would be harsh but I’ve not reacted. If I use the Murad cleanser I don’t use the toner & vice versa so I don’t over do it too much.

Spot Treatment

Back on rotation my Origins On The spot treatment is getting used often. Some annoying spots on my chin I’m finding hard to fix are slowly dying down. I went off this but when I need help this does the job. Can be drying with repeated use but I’m adding other thing in to combat that side effect.

Evening Autumn Skin Care Switcheroo - hydration

Eye Cream

I’ve just got one on the go compared with the Simple duo I previously used. It’s the B. Energised eye cream that’s more of a thick gel texture. If like me you get those gorgeous sexy dry patches that mess your eye makeup then this is a good one. This gives me longer lasting hydration that the Simple balm which I’m prefer. If you have tired eyes then go with something different maybe one with a metal roller ball. I’m not finding the piece that is the B.Energised side of the product.

Night Cream

Another new addition is my Yes to Carrots Night Cream for normal to dry skin. It’s fragrance free & 96% natural ingredients . It’s a great mid range drugstore brand that’s recently ( last few months ) made its way into Boots. This has carrot (duh!) & avocado to hydrate your skin and I agree it does the job well. It’s a light texture that sinks in easily.

Night Time Mask

Untill I work out what I want in a serum I’ve gone with keeping my skin hydrated. Another new part in my routine is the Sampar So Much To Dew Midnight mask. Another T.K.Maxx find at just £9.99 this is £34 normally. At that price it’s a steel I’m able to use more expensive skin care with less of the cost. Everything about this feels luxe, it’s a well designed tube that allows application without having to even touch your face. With a thin layer this dried down over the evening but not completely but it doesn’t get tacky just a little wet. It gives a nice plumping affect the next morning & not a speck of dry skin has reared its flaky head. This is even with my routine including my origins spot Treatment that tends to dry spots and the skin around it out.

With autumn winter feeling like it’s just round the corner what will you be changing up in your evening skin care routine? All recommendations are welcome especially serum suggestions.