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Estee Lauder Haul – The Search For My Perfect Base Continues

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It feels like a never-ending quest to get the right base in general but the pressure is on even more when it comes to wedding. I’ve tried multiple ones recently & more than finding what I do need I can see what I don’t like about certain foundations.

I see my base almost as my camouflage, it blurs the lines metaphorically & literally. That thin layer hides the butterflies  in me so I can then create on top of it how I want the world to see me. I’m all about individuality when it comes to make-up as we can be anything we want to be. I don’t find the photos scary as I’ve seen many of my blog ones happily go in the recycle bin. It’s the attention that a wedding draws, I can visualise it & its scary being at the center of a whole day.

Tried & Tested

The Search For My Perfect Base Continues With A Haul - foundations

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus – Still my all time favourite because it just works every time but possibly not

Mac Matchmaster – More suited to oily combination skin types, but the colour match was spot on.

Smashbox Studio Skin – A light coverage that lasted but there wasn’t a light enough shade .

Mac Mineralize Moisture – A good base for dry skin but without powder this is very dewy, not long lasting enough for all day wear.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Pt 1 – This is a great base, light but buildable without caking.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Pt 2 – You can see on the post why this didn’t suit me.

Bare Skin By Bareminerals – A light coverage but the colour wasn’t quite right & didn’t do well with my dry skin to say it was a serum based foundation.

If you’re searching for a new foundation at any price range then you might find my post on Finding The Perfect Foundation.

I have a few more to test out but until then I decided I wanted to try another way of doing my base & being a little spendy in the process

Estee Lauder Haul

So I did a little damage at the weekend & to be honest it was relatively small. I’ve been having trouble with the Benefit Lemonaid eye primer. I love it but recently it hates me & I don’t know what changed. It’s great at colour correcting the redness from a lack of sleep & the psoriasis I have in my eyebrow. It’s a cream but has a dry texture which has always worked well as a base for my eyeshadow. Lately with whatever I wear all my eyeshadow crease like it’s melting off my lids. This isn’t pretty & after spending those precious minutes blending eyeshadow instead of sleeping it’s really annoying to find this. If you have any thoughts on this do tell me if you’ve had this problem.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - mi


See that’s how I ended up at the Estee Lauder counter in Boots. Oddly enough I’ve never tried any because it always looks like it’s meant for somebody older. I don’t quite feel like an adult enough to shop their which is probably why I’ve always felt like I’d be more suited to Benefit even though I can’t find anything I’d want to buy. Girl logic, right! So I explained this to the counter staff that I wanted to know if the eye base was any good. I think my lack of tact worked as I did start my sentence with I know you have to tell me it’s good because you work on this counter but I really need something that will work. In that moment she got what I was on about , she could have been offended, it wasn’t meant to be. Instead she told me it wasn’t worth it & suggest the Double Wear concealer as that’s what she uses & I kinda like that if it works it’s a multi-use product.

I choose the lightest shade 01 light there are 8 to choose from & it £21.50 which is a tad crazy but I haven’t bought a concealer since Macs Select Cover Up a long time ago. However a possible way to do my base is use this to hide blemishes then a light dusting of Macs StudiFix Plus Powder to finish? Maybe.


The Search For My Perfect Base Continues With A Haul - extras estee lauder

I asked for a sample of the Double Wear Light foundation because I know Double Wear original would be too much coverage. I’m thinking this may get bought but I’m going to give it a decent test on Saturday when we go shopping in Leeds. Lots of walking should see how well it stays in place & for how long. She also popped it a sample size of the Advance Night Repair serum, did I look that bad that day? Who knows but I will be trying that out soon not that I think I could afford to purchase the full size afterwards! The again how cute could a tiny bottle of serum be, its stupidly adorable & it will kill me when I finish it.

Estee Lauder  Double Wear Concealer £21.50

Estee Lauder Duble Wear Light £29.50

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum £49

I’m still in search of the one foundation to rule them all (yes I’m a geek) but have you found you’re holy grail foundation? Is there a brand I’ve overlooked?

x Jess x