Eco Tools Brush Set

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When I first got back into makeup I was in serious need of some makeup brushes. When looking through the basics set’s this one stood out as it offered everything I pretty much needed together. I picked them up from Boots & they still sell this set so I wanted to give you a bit more of an in-depth review of them all.

The brushes have bamboo handles which count as a low impact material on the worlds resources and are highly sustainable/ They’re made from natural & recycled material which are synthetic. This means you can used them with cream & powder products, even the ferrule is made from recycled aluminium.

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Set review new

Eco Tools Makeup Brush Set

1) Blush Brush

This is super soft and has a nice domed shape that holds well as it is quite densely packed with bristles. This gets used mainly for face powder as it picks product up easily and I can swirl this over my skin over and over to blend in. I only started using it for blush when I picked up the Clinique Poppy Plum Blend where I like to pinch at the bottom of the bristles to make it more oval and apply to the apple of my cheek then let go and use the more open shape to blend without getting it everywhere. I use this over my N07 powder brush as it’s about a third smaller and is softer on my skin. I also apply my Urban Decay setting spray with it and spray it onto the brush then apply it over my  face evenly.

2) Concealer

I only recently started using this because I always thought the best way to apply concealer was to use my fingers. When I got the Mac Select Cover concealer I decided that I wanted to be more precise and went to this brush. It’s got long flat bristles with a domed end and is soft but more tightly packed keeps its shape. The dome is slightly pointed so is good or dotting tiny areas as well as the whole head to go under the eye area, I love this now and use it a lot, it does seem to pull product into the length and can e a bit o a pain when it comes to cleaning as yo have to get it wet quite close to the ferrule and takes longer to dry.

3) Eyeshadow 

This looks very similar to the concealer brush but is shorter in length so has even less bend in the bristles but is just as soft. When I first got it I didn’t know what to do with it as I had always used a N07 blending style brush for everything. This is great and packing colour on and being precise on where you want it to go , I use it up to the contour line then a little past in specific curve so the over hang on my eyelid doesn’t hide the shadow but isn’t blended too far. I prefer this for powder but it can be used with cream I just prefer a different rush to this one.

4) Angled Eyeliner

Other than the name of it I never use this for eyeliner. I just haven’t mastered it and so this is used for my eyebrows. When I bought it that is what my  intended use for it was. I use this still with the Natural Collections Crushed Walnut eyeshadow and I love it. Without a doubt the second most used in this set. When I do my eyebrows this is what I reach for. It picks the powder up just on the tip and the angle makes for a great precise line for either creating the perfect outer liner usually so my brows match where the end on my face. If I go to heavy I can use it to blend it out . I have eyebrows that are blonde in summer and darken in winter but still leave some blonde behind and I can match the areas up really well with this.

5) Detailers/Lip

I haven’t used this for lip so I don’t know how good it is for that but I occasionally get this out if I want super precise eyeshadow application or if I want to rarely go under the eye with colour too. it’s a little stiff for my liking and feels a little scratchy when used under the eye. I don’t have anything like this one so it’s why I use it as it’s not worth it to me to spend and buy something different. It does its job but not as well as I thought it would.

6) Brow Groomer

The last and the least used item. I’m sure I should use the to groom my eyebrows but the bristle part is really scratchy and stiff and just irritates me more than helps. The other side looks like those mascara brushes but it doesn’t work and is shaped like your meant to brush you eyebrows with the brush vertical. I just don’t get it, do you? If so let me know…

Overall the brushes are a good starter set and have kept me going for a good six months, they do clean up and when dry again carry on working just as well as before. I like the bag that it came in and I use it for travel as it has a pocket on the back that the brushes fit in and I can then get most of my make up in the front except maybe foundation.

What are your favourite budget makeup brushes?

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dupes are a girls best friend, dupesareagirlsbestfriend,dupesagirlsbf