Easy Eyes – Brows, Lashes & Eyeshadow – For £10.98

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Easy Eyes - Brows, Lashes & Eyeshadow - All For Under 10 eyes

Easy Eyes – Why?

I’m pretty sure this is self-explanatory but to be able to do you brows, lashes & eyeshadow all for just under £11 is pretty darn good. Even if you only use this as an easy eyes emergency set you can pick up in most town centers. It’s not meant to be that wow factor but a quick polished pick me up when you want to make the effort but don’t have time. I do this look often as a general daily makeup if I’m going to the shops. It only takes a few minutes and could easily be paired with a nude lipstick as much as your favourite red without looking out of place.

I like to add some brightness to the eye and some depth to the crease but still very natural. The brush I have above has been discontinued (link below is to the replacement). It has flat bristles with a curved edge allowing for laying down colour and using the very tips of the brush to get right into the crease with accuracy. The mascara gives a good coat of black to define the eyes and open them up. The brows for me at the moment are just a way to darken the blonde bits that stand out like a sore thumb. I’ve been using this for over a year and I still go back to it even when trying other brow products. The angled brush is perfect for getting the shadow just onto the hairs or with its fine edge getting powder into sparse areas of the brow. You can also use the base shade as a matte highlighter under the brow to define them.


Products For Easy Eyes

  1. Wilko Eyeliner Brush – Carnaby £1 (brows)
  2. Natural Collection Eyeshadow – Crushed Walnut – £1.99 (brows)
  3. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow – Touch Me – £1 (base shade)
  4. Natural Collection Eyeshadow – Milk Chocolate – £1.99 (crease)
  5. Wilko Eye Makeup Brush – Carnaby – £1 (eyes)
  6. 2true Wow Mascara – Black – £3 (lashes)

Total Cost For Easy Eyes = £10.98