Dupe for Mac Matchmaster Foundation

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Mac Matchmaster Foundation dupe

Last year when I first kinda had a crush on Mac I decided I needed everything including what I count as an expensive foundation. I must have read a thousand reviews on everyone Mac does. I went in and tried a few out but Mac Matchmaster came out as the one I liked most. If you have a quick look back to my First Impressions post you will see how much I loved it. It’s a great foundation and when I had good skin I used it every time. It was only until my skin started to get dry patches when it got colder that it didn’t work for me. It just clung on to dear life to those dry patches and that was kinda it.

Luckily I have a sister with oily/combination skin that does suit it and I’m just glad that it wasn’t going to waste half the bottle. Ever since I’ve been in search of a new foundation that gave the same great buildable light to medium coverage that wasn’t three shades darker than my skin tone. I didn’t want to buy something expensive and I’ve probable spent the same again on what Mac Matchmaster cost in search but I think I’ve found the one.

Mac Matchmaster Drugstore Dupe

I swear down I could have shortened this search for a dupe if only I’d not avoided it for so darn long. I’ve gone past the Revlon counter multiple times and on seeing the bottle not even swatched it. It still kinda annoys me that foundations don’t all have pumps. Even the super cheap Nyc All Day Long foundation has a pump along with a plastic bottle but I’d rather that and have the pump. They could at least sell a pump separate as I would buy it after using this foundation.

What I Looked For In A Dupe For Matchmaster

We all look for different things in a foundation. For me it’s got to match my skin tone otherwise I’m already out the door. Mac as a brand have always had more shades in their ranges than any other I know of. They go from the very darkest to the very pale which drugstore tend to forget exist sometimes. The other is a light foundation that’s buildable to medium coverage without becoming cakey. They do foundations to suit all skin types weather it’s dry, oily or combination. In the end it was just my skin changing that meant I needed a new foundation to deal with my issues. I also for added benefit I prefer to have at least some kind of spf if possible in them.

 The Dupe – Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin

When I finally swatched this it was either going to be the shade Ivory or Buff. In the end I chose Buff as Ivory looked on my skin to be a little too pink. Buff was as close as I’d ever gotten and I got over the glass bottle and no pump and bought it. It doesn’t go into shades as dark as Mac Matchmaster though maybe only as far as shade 7.0 being close to Colorstays darkest. At £12.49 it’s on the high end of the drugstore but would if it worked be less than half the price of Macs at £27.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Buff -mac dupe - fi - swatch

Below is me with frizzy hair and practically no makeup on ( sorry) but it’s the only way I could could properly show what Revlon Colorstay looks like. This was just one thin layer blended in with my fingers. When I’m warm my skin tends to flush quite red and I like that even with such a small amount it still covers without needing to be mask like. The big difference between them is Colorstay is a thin runny foundation and Mac is thick and creamy. Both blend out well and I’d say Colorstay is a slightly closer match and Mac is a little pale. I don’t mind that as I prefer to have my skin look more natural with some colour still showing through.

As far as foundations go this is my favourite up to now. It’s not an exact dupe but I’d say it’s about 90% there with the other 10% of suiting my dry skin.

Mac Matchmaster in shade 1 £27

Revlon Colorstay in Buff £12.49

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in Buff - dupe - fi - worn