duo body butter

The Body Shop - Duo Body Butter

Duo Body Butter from The Body Shop

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I know I just wrote a post on The Body Shop but I seem to get this whenever it comes to gifts. Not that I’m complaining but I needed to write about this in particular as I’m not sure if you can get it in store, it may only come out on sale times if it has been discontinued.

The Body Shop - Duo body butter

The Duo moisturizer it a great concept where you get two body butters for the price of one. The first is for normal skin and is very smooth and creamy in texture and the second for dry skin a much harder consistency which above looks grainy but it’s just a super thick ¬†texture. I love using this after baths as I have very dry patches of skin on my knees and elbows but the rest of me is okay. It means I can pay attention to where needs it then slap on a lot of the normal one everywhere else. I have in particularly become fond of applying the dry skin body butter to my feet then putting socks on over the top. This leaves my feet super soft in the morning which I do love.

It’s a shame they have disappeared on-line as it’s a good way to try out a few of their body butters and to see what suits you best. The scent is vanilla and it’s very natural and subtle which is relaxing. As this was a gift I’m not sure even of the price but I’m guessing ¬£13 like the single body butters are here.