Dr Martens Sale – Quality Over Quantity

I can honestly say I’ve gone through at least 30 pairs of ballet flats. My first from Primark were £4 & I loved them simply for being a size 9 I could get my foot into. However I wear the shoes I own to death until there are actual holes in the bottom or they are so stretched out they have a flip-flop sound as I walk. I could wear boots but I have little patience for spending three weeks doing laces up, that included you Converse! However many times I kill shoes I end up getting more flats because they work with anything I wish to wear. However cheap Primark ones are it makes no difference, two pair of Hush Puppies died after a month. I’ve sent a pair of Evans flats back after the first wear because the sole came apart at the front! I’m going back to my teenage routes but with a compromise between feminine footwear & something I hope to be still wearing when I’m 30 (that’s 3 years away by the way) & beyond. It means buying less shoes but getting many more miles out of them.

Dr Martens – The Goldilocks Effect

Metal/ Goth Hardcore Boots – Skullfly

Dr Martens Sale - Quality Over Quantity - skull wings

When I think back to my teen goth days my favourite possession which I still have today are my black leather Dr Martens Boots. They’re etched with a skull with & wings that even have steel toe caps perfect for those mosh pit days. I don’t wear them half as much as I used to do. They usually they come out in winter to get my arse to work on time, gotta love snow (I do)! These were the only ones I’ve paid full price for in Schuh, they were £85! I kinda regret it because one of the steel toe caps it tight on my foot which hurts if you’re wearing them any great length of time. I’ve had them at least 8 years & I still couldn’t part with them.

Heels I Love But Can’t Live In – The Marlena

Dr Martens Sale - Quality Over Quantity - Marlena

I have an amazing pair of Mary Jane style Dr Martens that I adore but even with the chunky heel I still have trouble keeping them on a whole day. However I think they will make an appearance at Halloween at least until I want to dance. If you don’t know already it’s not just Halloween that makes this particular 31st October a special day! What I can say is they are hard-wearing & the strap across the front makes them more comfortable than most heeled shoes. I wish Dr Martens would go back to this style of women’s shoe with the chunkier heel it’s been stilettos for too many seasons! I loved the etched styles especially in cherry red or peacock-blue (I blame Catlin Moran for that one).

The Comfiest Boots Ever – Purple Suede

Dr Martens Sale - Quality Over Quantity - purple suede boot

These are only not perfect because I hate lacing them up, that includes Converse as well. However my Converse obsession was helped by my never tying the laces & only keeping them in place with safety pins! I’ve worn these Dr Martens out so many times the inside of the soles are falling apart. They are comfortable & you’d think they would go with nothing but I’ve worn them with everything but jeans. If I could get another pair I would, there only downfall is the suede after being worn repeatedly has become loose over the years. I still love them though.

The One Shoe To Replace Them All ( Ballet Flats That Is)

Dr Martens Sale - Quality Over Quantity - mi 3

For at least a few months now I’ve said that when I could afford too I’d buy some Dr Marten flat women’s shoes. The main problem was I didn’t like most of this seasons designs. However when a sale happens all the older season stock comes out too, this happened to co-inside with Sheffield getting a Dr Marten store on Chapel Walk ( the very bottom near Thou Art). I saw these shoes at that point & knew they were the what I was looking for but had no money at the time! Move forward to last week & a spur of the moment trip out to Leeds I went back in & they not only had them but as they were the last pair they were just £40. I say just because that’s cheap for Dr Martens, they not only fit perfectly but have a little wedge built into them. I’ve only worn them a week but it’s all I’ve worn all week. They are comfortable to wear straight away however make sure you tighten then buckle on them so your foot doesn’t rub at the back. I wore them that day for a full walk round Leeds & had to put a plaster on the back of my foot where it had rubbed because I hadn’t had them tight enough. completely my fault & had no problem with that since, these go with everything I wear the same as ballet flats. On the plus I do feel a little less short next to my fiancé who always towers above me, less neck ache for me!

The Dr Marten Lynne 

Part of our Moll collection, Lynne is a modern Mary Jane, poised on a demi-wedge sole and styled with a straight-and-simple, square-bucked strap. Our full-grain Broadway leather lends softness and texture to the smooth, clean lines. A layer of memory foam atop our air-cushioned sole makes this an exceptionally comfortable shoe. – Dr Marten

Dr Martens Sale - Quality Over Quantity -instagram

The Lynne is still available online in Bright Red & Rich Brown from £80 down to £55.

Mines were bought in store & were £40 because they were the very last pair they had.

I may seem like a sale addict but when it comes to getting quality shoes that will actual last a decent time then the Dr Martens Sale is where you need to look. Whether its shoes, boots, sandals or heels that are your thing there’s something for everyone even the kids! What Dr Martens do you own or if you don’t is there a reason other than price?

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