Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap Found Up North

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Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Almond

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap get’s talked about all over the beauty blogging community. This is one of those hit products not so much in the crazy expensive can’t afford it category but in the where the hell do you find this stuff out side of London?

Well when I saw it when I popped into T.K.Maxx I thought I was seeing things like a beauty mirage that would disappear as soon as I tried picking it up. Ridiculous as that may sound it’s true as much as getting hold of Pixie Glow Tonic last year before it went into their online shop.

So What it Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap?

Miracle? Maybe Not… But a good all round product that I’m hoping to make use of as my new brush cleaner as the Johnsons Baby Shampoo I just can’t stand the smell even though it does work alright. But it’s not a one trick pony its full name is The Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Almond Castille Soap.  Theres many more used beyond the 18

These are:

  1. Always dilute for Shave,Shampoo-Massage-Dental Soap-Bath!
  2. Soap for Dispensers, Uniforms, Baby, Beach!
  3. Dilute for ideal After Shave, Body Rub, Foot Bath, Douche.
  4. Hot Towel-Massage the entire body, always towards your heart.
  5. Pets, silk, wool & the body too
  6. 3 dashes in water rinse most Sprays Off fruit & vegetables!
  7. 1/4 oz in qt H2O is Pest Spray! Dash, no rash Diaper-Soap

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap - Almond

This wasn’t a big price drop but it was just nice to be able to find it for a change so close to home. Ther were other smaller bottles on the sheves and I saw peppermint and baby mild soap versions if almonds not for you.The almond scent smells amazing but natural so hopefully it will do my brushes good but I will let you know when I try it. If you’d like your own you can always find Dr Bronner’s online here.

So Other Than Dr Bronner’s What Else Can Be Found in T.K.Maxx?

Their has been a few random sightings I’ve made recently other than the Dr Bronner’s that I though I should let you know about. I recently picked up a Murad Cleanser which I couldn’t ever afford full price at £34 but I got it for £12.99 as a once a week treat as it’s more like an exfoliator. I’ve also seen Una Brennan, Elizabeth Arden and very recently Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Body Sculpt Treatment normally £46 in the clearance section for £10 because I don’t think anyone knows up north unless you’re a blogger or beauty addict. The bit’s I bought were in Meadowhall store near Sheffield so maybe they are in other stores too.