Double Wear Concealer by Estee Lauder

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I was on a search a few weeks ago for a new eyeshadow base when I came across this at a counter in Boots suggested by the staff instead of the actual eye base that Estee Lauder do. I was happy with the shade match so I decided to go for it. The odd thing is I haven’t used concealer for the most part of 2014, it’s not bragging more like sheer laziness & wanting a more natural base. My foundations were giving enough coverage & it just seemed like an extra step I didn’t want to do. However with my change in make-up needs this is quickly filling that to give me a more perfected base.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

Does it need a name that long? I really don’t think so, however it does describe everything that it should be able to do in one go. I’ve got to say when I bought this I was still a sceptic, maybe more to do with the double wear name than anything. It’s synonymous with the trouble that double wear has when it comes to removal but I think its more to do with the foundation which I hadn’t tried either. Let’s start with packaging, this on its own feels expensive which at £21.50 it needs too! I’m not a huge fan of the doe foot applicator because of hygiene reasons but I did work around that & got better results for it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - collage

The comparison above is Estee Lauder Double Wear on the left & Mac Select Cover-Up in Nw15 which to me Mac looks a little pink & Estee Lauder a more warm toned shade. However if you do test this in store blend it out before you judge the shade as it lightens up.

Beauty Tip

Compare it with the foundation you wear the most by swatching it on your hand then put the concealer next to it. This way you can see if it’s lighter which you may want for under eyes, if it’s the same then it could be good for multitasking for spots as well or too dark in which case you can try another shade.

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My Last Concealer

Now because it was so long since I’ve used concealer I went back to my Mac one so I at least had something of similar cost to compare it with. It’s funny how much I loved it when I got it & possibly my wants in a concealer have changed. I think my main focus was getting the right shade & with Macs massive choice range I was happy with it. However it’s just not as good for my skin type which is very dry around my eyes & didn’t quite blend out so easily, possibly I’ve had it too long so I think it’s going in with this months empties even though it’s half full still.

Double Wear Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - me

As A Concealer

As I said the packaging initially wasn’t really my thing as I’d tried getting away from the doe foot applicator because of hygiene reasons. It’s one of the reasons I hadn’t gone back to Collections Lasting Perfection concealer but that’s because up until now I’ve always used my fingers to blend concealer out. After trying that with Double Wear it just didn’t work, it dries out too fast to dot it everywhere I need it & blend it out. I also found the doe foot to pick up too much product & the face place I put it ended up with too much. I was a little disheartened until I tried using it with a brush, nothing special just an old N07 blending brush. It’s synthetic so not unique but I can pick a little up at a time from the doe foot & use that on my face to blend it out. Each time I use a face wipe to give it a clean & then pick up some more. When you first apply it, it does seem streaky but keep at it as it blends out to the thinnest layer like your not even wearing it. It’s highly pigmented so a little goes a long way & the shade 01 – Light is perfect for my pale skin its slightly lighter than mine.I love that I can get right up under my eye with the brush where they are usually reddest. As my skin is so dry I did think this could be a problem but its not too bad. Most tend to make it look worse, this seems to sit on top of it without caking up. It hides the colour but obviously can’t hide the texture but it’s better than I’ve tried before. This does work over spots too & I completely accept the Double-Wear name as I’ve worn it from day to night & it’s still there doing it’s job.

As An Eye Base

This sort of works but you do have to tweak how you do it to make it work. I apply it right from my eye lid to under my eye brow but you have to do one eye then keep it shut while it dries then do the other. If you don’t it will crease, you can hide that with a pale eyeshadow but I just prefer it to be right that have to fix it as does stay where you leave it. I do find it easier to apply eyeshadow on top of because it evens everything out however. I’m not so sure with cream eyeshadow but that may have been the Rimmel shadow stick I used that caused the crease area to be missing later in the day. I may try something different that’s specific for that purpose, if you have any suggestions let me know as I’m tempted to try the Nars or Urban Decay one.


In case you were wondering I don’t have any trouble removing it, I’ve been using the Loreal Absolut Eye & Lip Make-up Remover which is bi-phase, it removes everything with one swipe. I then go over with a normal cleanser afterwards, it’s actually no more trouble than any other base product is.

Final Thoughts

This has completely changed my face base routine round at the moment especially as it’s getting warmer. I love the finish it gives without looking like there’s tonnes of make-up on. This is a contender for my wedding make-up kit as it even works with Benefits Porefessional without it rolling on the skin which is a miracle in its self. I’ve actually seen lots on the layering water based products with ones of the same type. I’m looking into silicone foundations that should work with Porefessional I’ll let you know if that works. If you want more info I found this spread sheet that might help Water/Silicone/Oil Based Make Up. I will be doing a face base routine as this has cause such a change in how & what I’m using it might be useful for you.

If you do wish to buy Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer it’s £21.50 from Boots.

What’s you favourite concealer & eye base? I think this could easily be my top concealer but have you got something better or cheaper that does the same? Let me know below.

Jess x