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Customer Service At Harvey Nichols Creates Loyalty

As a woman who loves to shop in store I find that at any level in retail there is good & bad customer service. This is a post specifically on the recent customer service I had with Harvey Nichols which I think is important to acknowledge. I’d say 99% of people who love to shop would want to be treated well, helped in any way they can & get good service how they would offer it if they were doing it too. This post came about because of a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick that was damaged when I bought it & how their customer service team dealt with it.

Customer Service – Anywhere

I can go into a drugstores & ask where something is & happily be taken to it. In others they’ve huffed a little, will point in a direction, carry on stacking a shelf or finish telling their friend what they got up to last night! It can go either way depending on the store or the time of day. The same way when you walk into a department store & staff blatantly ignore you for the woman carrying the (insert expensive designer) handbag! However when you get to the levels of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols & maybe Harrods (not been in yet so I can’t say) but in that area of luxury brands it can go both ways. I’m the customer who won’t be wearing anything designer (New Look or Dorothy Perkins usually) & be looking through the sale items after Christmas to get a bargain. Most of all if I’m buying something full price I’ve likely researched it in what I call “blogger mode”, have the basic facts & watched multiple Youtube reviews. In other words I’m probably seen as a pain in the ass, that’s my point of view not theirs! When it comes to money I just don’t like to waste it which is why there are rarely bad reviews on here, I’m overly cautious.When staff look down their noses at me I walk on by to another counter or shop I don’t need to be judged I can do that myself! Not all staff though, not most either & some love theirs jobs you can see it when you chat to them, they’re wonderful people to meet.

Customer Service At Harvey Nichols

I few months ago I went to Leeds with my fella for his Birthday. He loves the poster store Off The Wall & Primos Hotdogs. Last time we went I didn’t have much money left but popped into Harvey Nichols as we always love to look around. My fella is a lover of the hot sauces they sell & me make-up of course. They had done a change around with Mac, Charlotte Tilbury & Shu Uemura all at the front shiny & new. So when we went back a few weeks ago I knew I had to get something from Charlotte Tilbury as it’s no available where I live. The make-up artist on counter helped me choose a lipstick as I couldn’t quite decide. I picked the Matte Revolution lipstick in the end in Love Liberty. With the possibly of it being my wedding lipstick I was so all over the place. I made my choice she scanned my Rewards App to give me points & I paid.

I didn’t get the lipstick out of the box until a week later as I wanted some good blog photos before I started using it. When I opened it I did the gasp at just how pretty the rose gold tube is, even with Charlotte Tilbury engraved on it hidden beneath the lid. When I took it off the lipstick inside was damaged, like it had been twisted up then the cap put back on. However that wasn’t it, I turned it to look into the cap which was still next to it & the lipstick dropped into the lid. I know it’s only a lipstick but it was £23, meant to be perfect & I had no way of getting back to Leeds in time.

Customer Service At Harvey Nichols - lipstick damaged

I emailed Harvey Nichols explaining what had happened, I still had the receipt & that I couldn’t just bring it back to Leeds. I left my phone number as well thinking they might be more inclined to call back maybe. Within about a day I got a call back from the counter manager in Leeds which was unexpected. She said she understood the problem & if I could post it back to them with the receipt they would cover the cost of postage & send me a new one! At this point I still had my do I trust them not to blame me for it head on & took photos before sending it. Which is why I’ve shown the above ones, if you’re a make-up addict like me you’ll understand the pain it caused me! I did as I was told & even called me back up to let me know it had arrived I think it was a week last Friday & the parcel arrived this week! I was expecting a letter size envelope. It came in a box full of packaging to protect it which it was then inside a Harvey Nichols bag as well.

Customer Service At Harvey Nichols - mi

It came with a couple of Charlotte Tilbury Samples, the Magic Cream & K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick which was a nice little addition. From start to finish of this little crazy ordeal they couldn’t have been more helpful if they’d tried. This is why I wrote this post because not all shops are as good as they should be & it wasn’t a major shopping spree in Harvey Nichols. I don’t look like their typical shoppers do. I have bright red hair with my partner sporting a blue mohawk too, we could easily have been ignored by staff but we weren’t. While in the Leeds store on multiple occasions we are just another customer which I can appreciate.

I know Harvey Nichols can afford to spend more time in a way taking care of customers. However I’m just as likely to spend £23 in any make-up shop that treats me that well. If customer service was as good as theirs maybe I wouldn’t travel hours to go. However Harvey Nichols have created loyalty in me & I will happily go back for that alone. Quality customer service costs nothing to create, is priceless & worth its intangible weight in gold! 

Have you had great customer service in-store or online? 

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