Cool Down This Summer – Top 5 Tips

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I know these posts will be doing the rounds but I hate the heat and if you do too I have a few idea that may just help. I’m the kinda girl whose ideal temperature is about 10 C in the winter where that counts as a nice day, still a little crisp but comfortable. If it was 10 C right now it would probably feel cold. I’m picky about being warm so have a few great ways to cool down

its too hot


Cool Down Top 5 Tips

Tip 1

The obvious one to start with is crack a  window open in the room your but then do the same in the one next to it and create a way for the air to flow through otherwise you don’t get a decent breeze.

Tip 2

If you have a fan stick of course get it on but first place a tray of ice cubes in front of it. It will cool the air around the fan that is then being blown in your direction.

Tip 3

If your drinking from a glass always run cold water over the glass first. Add ice cubes to keep it cold , if you don’t like your drink diluted down by the ice freeze cubes of the drink your having earlier in the day so it won’t affect the flavour. Or you can create your own combos with different flavoured cubes.

Tip 4

Ice pops & ice cream are great for cooling down quick but there usually not the healthiest of options. How about sticking a wooden pop stick into a pack of little yoghurts and freezing them. They will be nice and creamy and depending on the yogurt can be healthy too. Swirl a favourite jam into the mix for extra flavour or even fruit pieces.

Tip 5

My biggest problem with the heat is getting to sleep. I  would toss & turn in bed all night until my fella came up a simple & genius idea. He basically took an empty drink bottle about a litre in size. Then filled it with water but not completely to the top so when it froze it, wouldn’t explode. Leave it in there all day and it will be frozen  and ready to use. He wraps it up in soft material and puts it down the side of the bed making it cold and keeping me cool too. This works so well and I can’t sleep without it being there. I occasionally wake up with a cold leg but it’s completely worth the good nights sleep I get.