Select Cover-Up Concealer At Mac – Is it worth it?

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This is the most money  I’ve ever spent on concealer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect that would be any different from the drugstore ones I’m used to. Keeping that in mind I still went and bought it as a treat as I wanted to find out for myself. I already have compared this with my drugstore concealers in the post “Urban Camoflage Part 1 Concealer comparison” which showed it being just over 1/2 again as much more expensive per gram than Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. The Mac Select Cover Up is £15 per 10 ml and Collection is equivalent to £9.31 per 10 ml . I expected that gap to be much more than it was.

Mac - Select Cover Concealer NW15

The shade I was matched to was NW15 and I’m guessing this was because it’s the lightest shade they do in this concealer. I don’t mind as at least there is a lot of choice between shades and it is a little lighter than the Matchmaster foundation I recently purchased it sits well underneath without standing out on my face like a daft bright patch. I picked this one as it comes in a small tube without an applicator so it’s more hygienic in theory. I like to apply this with the Eco Tools concealer brush and together they work really well. I like the thicker consistency as I can get cover right up to the waterline and it gives a good coverage without feeling heavy. I think the main thing that speaks for it’s self is the photo below. The only thing applied to my skin is the Mac Select Cover Up on the left hand side of the photo below on the right my skin is bare.

Mac - Select Cover Concealer NW15 - 3

I have Psoriasis which is on both eyebrows and on the lid which can very easily be seen on the right but hardly on the left. This does wear a bit through the day and as my skin dries out it can be seen but nowhere near as much as if I didn’t put anything on to cover it. The redness under my eye is covered and brightened and it’s easily blended with the rest of my skin so no obvious tell-tale lines. It doesn’t cover some spots I had on my shin but they are a lot less red. As I don’t own a primer that is cancels out redness I also apply a thin later on my cheeks as they are always bright freaking red. I do this to allow me to use my blusher so the shade can be seen better which is why I only own one up to now as my cheeks did the work for me not that I was happy about it I just don’t like using full coverage foundation so this is a good compromise.

Mac - Select Cover Concealer NW15 - 2

This has opened my eyes to more expensive concealer because for the extra cost compared with my favourite drugstore version I think there are alot of others at a similar price range. Just at a glance for almost the same price as this Mac concealer there is the Clinique All About Eyes Concealer at £18 per 10 ml , Too Faced Absolutely Flawless at £15 for 8 ml and something most appealing to me is the Olay Total Effects Touch of Concealer Eye Cream made with Max Factor concealer for £14.99 for 15 ml as it combines make up and skin care benefits in one.