Timeless Black Colour Tattoo

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So we’ve all heard this before especially seen as this is the third Color Tattoo I’ve owned. If you’d like to see I’v written about On and On Bronze and Pomegranate. To me this was meant to be something to replace using my  gel eyeliner which I used to blacken out the eyelid to put other colours on top to make the colour’s stronger. It’s also my way of not buying Macs Paint Pot in Blackground which is £15. I recently swatched that colour in Mac and I can say you can feel the quality and it’s very soft and smooth and when I tried to remove the swatch it did argue to be removed but how can I justify £15 for something that will only be used under other make up.

The major difference with these to Mac is when you apply the Color Tattoo and you are done blending or moving it , it has a slightly tacky feeling that makes whatever is going on top feel like it would adhere well to it. Now do remember I don’t own a Mac paint pot (yet) so I don’t know how it works with other eye shadows I can only tell you about the Timeless Black.

collage 2

To begin with it’s £4.99 as always and is super opaque and unlike most of the others matte black with no glitter or shimmer , I hope we get more like this in the UK. You can blend this but I suggest work with a little bit at a time on your brush and really blend that out before applying more but as you can see above it can be done. I did initially also use it as my eyeliner which worked really well. I find that if you do it messy just push it into the line then you can get away with applying a different Color Tattoo by patting over down to how much liner you want ad lightly smudge over and into it then add as much as you want higher on the lid and looks really good. With this you really need an oil cleanser otherwise wipes will not be your friend it will just smear it. Oil will dissolve it instantly for a reasonably priced one see this Loreal Oil Cleanser review for more information.